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Parliament in the united kingdom law public essay

Parliament committees consist of groups of members of member’s parliament (Mps) which are established by parliament to provide specific functions or tasks that are committed to them. However, the compositions of that committee reflect that of Hose of commons, meaning the government party has majority. Parliament ensures the accountability of the executive in several ways. Select committees monitor the work of government departments. They have the power to examine witnesses and to see written evidence. Select committees produce reports that may pass government shortcomings for example, the question of the relaxation of border controls had to be answered by Theresa May in front of the Home Affairs committee. However, the reports published by committee to the government do not have to adopt the report’s recommendations. Select committee . One way members of parliament scrutinize the government during meeting in groups called select committees. The recommendations to the government can be done by those committees for special issues such as laws, environment, and education. For instance, both Houses of Lords and commons have committees form to study laws suggested by the EU. Because UK is a member of the EU, therefore it should accept and respond to the lows of EU. Select committees in Parliament Houses play an important task in checking proposals. Also, the recommendations of select committee will be given to the director of the government department in specific issue. Select committees work in both Houses the check and report on ranging of areas from the government departments work to economic affairs. However there is a common select committee for each government department and study three sides such as spending , polices and administrations. The minimum number for the departmental committees are 11 members, who decided on the line of inquiry and then gather oral and written evidence and results are reported to the commons. Published and Printed on the website of parliament. The government often spends 60 days to respond to the recommendation of committees. There is an opportunity for members and MPs of House of Lords in the Question Time to make question to government ministers. Those questions are asked at the start of work in both department which known as ‘ oral questions, while The Prime Minster answers the questions in Commons every Wednesday. Question time divided into House of Commons and House of Lords. In House of Commons Question Time take a place for an hour between Mondays to Thursday . All government ministers answers questions according to the order paper. Questions asked must relate to the responsibility of the government department concern. On the other side Question Time of the House of Lords (Oral Questions) usually being at the beginning time of the day’s work for up to 30 minutes on Monday to Thursday. Lords question are to the government as all, not to particular government department . Commons oral questions are to progress by MPs at least three days before Questions Time . Then the questions are printed in the book of the Commons questions. The order of asked questions is randomly determined by the computer. The last 15 minutes for MPs departments with 60 minute question or 10 minutes for those departments with a 40 minute question time. Also Oral Question could be asked anywhere between 1 month and 24 hours. In the Lords order paper usually the questions are printed. In the Prime Minister’s Question Time, The prime Minster answers questions from MPs in the commons at midday every Wednesday and duration they spend is half an hour. Typically the session begins with the routine question of the MP for the prime minister’s complexities. This is known as ” open questions” means that the MP could then ask supplementary question on any topic or subject. After answering, then MP raises a particular issue, often on important current political issue. The leader of opposition then follows up on this or other topic, they are allow to ask a total of six questions. And they leader of opposition is the only MPs who is allowed to come back with more questions. After Question Time a government minister may make on Oral statement to House. In House of Commons The statement are made by Oral after Questions Time or at 11 Am on a Friday the statement usually include on policy or government action. The MP should respond at the end of a statement or question the government minster on contents. But sometime commons statement is repeated in the lords at a particular time to suitability with the main work. Peer in the House of Lords could make a short personal statement in order to correct information contained in the letter to them or to respond to the claims in the House. For example in the personal statement by an MP who has quit as a Minster or wishes to correct Mistake in a statement they have made to House commons. A sort personal statement appears to be made in the House of Lords in order to correct information or to respond to demands made about them in the House. Committees play a big role today in the work of parliaments and the opportunity for members to take care of their individual interests and use special skills. While the legislation authority pay greater attention to the many issues or the work of the executive authority. On the other hands, parliament functions fit with the needs resources available to each parliament if appropriate resources and assume their responsibilities, they can make work and significant contribution in the operations of parliament and increase community participation in the area of legislation and enhance the status and dignity of parliament.

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