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Recycline makes products like Preserve toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, razors, and many more out of recyclable materials; whereas its partnership firm Stonyfield is a yogurt making company. The containers in which Stonyfield market their products were of little use until they got utilized by the Recycline. Recycline’s partnership with Stonyfield enabled them to collect sufficient quantity of raw material from different part of the country as Stonyfield had a trade link with shops, malls or super markets. People’s aspiration to green products is utilized by the firm through its Gimme 5 program which enabled consumers to drop off their used no 5 plastic containers at selected stores across the nation. The partnership is beneficial for Recycline in two basic ways; it gets easy access to raw material and a brand assistance to enter new markets. 2. Hudson has already played a good role in creating certain competitive advantages for his firm. However, as the new trends and changing business environments demand, he can initiate more interactive advertisements. Hudson can also deploy some celebrities for promoting his brand because celebrities are of great market value these days. Other marketing tactics he can initiate involves announcing price reduction, special offers, gifts etc. 3. As the company grows Hudson should heed more attention to marketing strategies. Greater emphasis must be given to making more innovative designs. In the same way, company has to shift its focus from domestic market to international markets too. As part of the business expansion, like any other international firm, personal style of business management must be substituted by more collaborated and integrated way of management. Since current trends give priority to consumer based marketing, Recycline can also rely on market segmentation strategies. In addition, company can launch regional outlets in order to become more interactive and consumer friendly.

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