Genuine Literary Analysis Examples

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The metamorphosis literary analysis

When Gregor's father finds that Gregor is out of his bedroom and that Gregor has caused his mother to faint, Gregor's father becomes enraged, " fills his pockets from the bowl on the sideboard, and throws apple after apple" at Gregor until he returns to his room. This stage of Gregor's isolation is Grete's realization →

Literary analysis the birthmark by nathanial hawthorne

This passage is one of the most telling of Nathaniel Hawthorne's main character in The Birthmark, Aylmer, a chemical scientist, and a perfectionist. Howard shares that the tie between the blemish and Georgina is a reference to the association between the blemish and the life that Georgina led.

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Literary analysis of hunger games book 1

Her possession of these feminine even instinctually motherly traits steer my opinion to the thought that these traits are more due to her position in her family then to that of a girl who is tomboyish in nature. Similar to other eldest female children when their fathers unexpectedly die, she had to step up and →

Literary analysis of the play the glass menagerie by tennessee williams

One of the central concepts this story clearly projects is the notion that the memories of our youth influence our fantasies of the present which in turn protect us from the realities of the present. Laura was trapped in the steady haze of the present the realization of her frustrated hopes and dreams of the →

Literary analysis free essay sample

O, Eudora Welty depicts the damage to one's feelings of self worth in response to the sense of belonging in a family. The rest of the family is delighted to see Stella Rondo and the child.

The red room – literary analysis

He is now considered one of the most defining authors of his time, and the leading role in the creation of the science horror / fiction genre. The characters may not even be able to sense it at first, but they come to realise that " There is fear in that room of hers black →

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Literary analysis: monkey’s paw

In the story, the father makes a wish and the son dies in a terrible accident at work. In the foremost sentence the author fuses the mood and imagery to make a setting that gives the reader a snug feeling.

Literary analysis of the stranger by albert camus

At the funeral, Meursault was more concerned about how exhausted he was, how bad his back was hurting, and how hot it was instead of grieving for the death of the person who gave him life. Another example would be when he was speaking to his lawyer about his mother's funeral and why he was →

Literary analysis of “the necklace”

The story is about a woman, named Mathilide, who wanted things she could not have because she did not have the money to buy them. Years later she finds out that the necklace she borrowed was a fake and that they bought a real one.

Literary analysis

Full Full Submitted The Sundiata Epic: A Testament to Griot's Historical Importance in Malian SocietyNiane introduces the Sundiata Epic saying that it may enlighten more than one African and make him learn Malian history from the ancient teacher of wisdom and history the griot, himself. It is all about the historical importance of griots and →

Literary analysis paper from historical perspective

Literary Analysis In APA Format The legacy of Robert Frost still lives on, the poet wrote several inspirational poems during his lifetime, these poems not only inspired the readers but also called for a positive change in the society, and this paper will shed light upon Mending Wall and Stopping by the woods on a →

Romeo and juliet literary analysis

If Romeo and Juliet are the protagonists of this play, who or what is the antagonist? Explain your opinion, citing specific actions and interactions in the play.

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Arc de triomphe literary analysis essay sample

In his past life, he was one of the leading surgeons in the country, but now he should use the fictitious name of Ravik and hide from the authorities. Arc de Triomphe shows us the last year from the peaceful, Parisian life of the doctor, which began with an acquaintance with the Italian singer and →

Brief literary analysis edgar allen poe

The Fall of the House of Usher" is a unique short story in that it was one of the first " haunted house" stories of it's time. This theme of death is proved as a common theme now, as it is in at least four of Poe's literary works, and these stories are not the →

A worn path literary analysis essay

Phoenix knows she is alone in the world to care for her grandson. Overall, Phoenix Jackson's character adds to the story through her humble, maternal strength.

The tales of coyote: a cultural, mythological, and literary analysis of chabon’s antagonist

To begin, one characteristic that Chabon borrows from Coyote, in the myth Coyote and the Origin of Death, to form his own antagonist is patience. This dialogue demonstrates Coyote's patience, something that is also found in the Native American myth of the Caddo: Coyote and the Origin of Death.

Literary analysis: the things they carried

Literary Analysis: The Things They Carried The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien, is a story that reflects on not only the emotional, but the physical weight of combat, and the devastating effects of the Vietnam War. The imagery of the old and young Kathleen is used as a way to draw the reader into →

Theological and literary analysis of endo’s silence

The writer David Lodge identifies four key attributes of this Catholic aesthetic namely, " the idea of the sinner at the heart of Christianity, the doctrine of mystical substitution, the implied criticism of materialism, and the tireless pursuit of the erring soul by God". Yet because of this the sacrifice is infinite and transcendent like →

Literary analysis

Gender Roles in Antigone by Sophocles of Learning Gender Roles in Antigone by Sophocles Antigone is one of the most famousworks by ancient Greek writer Sophocles. Antigone is forced to break the patriarchal foundations of their society, because she has to fulfill her duty.

Literary analysis essay

She wants Monique to believe she is going out, but in reality she is going in the ceiling to stay with her people and to protect them when the Hutu show up. The idea that children as young as nine are forced to take care of their families and witness horrific crimes is sad.

Literary analysis plan example of a pl assignment

The second thing that motivated Coral: Jessie disclosed to Coral that she was pregnant, and Coral told her It was k. Coral was already holding in her emotions, and the death of Jessie was all it took for her to have an emotional outburst like she did.

Great gatsby literary analysis

The relationship that Daisy had with Gatsby was out of pity as well as to cause Tom to feel jealousy and guilt for cheating on her, leaving Gatsby with an illusion that she loved him. In conclusion there is a lot of evidence that gets the reader to think that that love that Daisy has →

Literary analysis of ” where the jackals howl” essay sample

He tells her a story of when he worked with the horses which at first fascinates her and takes her back to when she was younger. And then is her madness only a metaphor for the madness of trying to claim back the desert.

Domestic violence- literary analysis of a rose for emily

The character of Emily who started as a known personality in town from her youth to the time she died was mysterious just like the house where she lived for so many years. The events that led to Emily's criminal behavior were proffered through closely examining her character, symbolism and incidents that led to this →

Araby; a literary analysis essay sample

The career of our play brought us through the dark muddy lanes behind the houses where we ran the gauntlet of the rough tribes from the cottages, to the back doors of the dark dripping gardens where odors arose from the ashpits, to the dark odorous stables where a coachman smoothed and combed the horse →

Literary analysis of the great gatsby

As we progress, we discover that the green light is at the end of Daisy's dock and is a symbol of Gatsby dream and hope for the future. Daisy as a character in The Great Gatsby is effectively used to represent the aspects of wealth, power and evil in the American society.

Sonnet 116 literary analysis

The opening lines of the sonnet dive the reader into the theme at a rapid pace, accomplished in part by the use of enjambment the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of poetry to the next without any form of pause. First one is the navigation, the poem's central extended metaphor is the →

Quilts by nikki giovanni: literary analysis

But as we grow older and we find we are not as quick or swift as we used to be, we wonder. But when as the table cloth gets old and begins to fall apart, we are put in the back of a closet and forgotten.

Critical review and literary analysis of the plastic pink flamingo

In the Spring 1999 The American Scholar essay " The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History", Jennifer Price writes about the popularity of the flamingo lawn decorations in the United States. This connotation of pink and prosperity helps supports Price's idea that Americans bought the flamingoes to fit in.

Literary analysis of the monkey’s paw essay

White and tells him to throw the monkey's paw back into the fire, but Mr. White knew something was wrong with the monkey's paw and tried to convince his wife it would be a bad idea because their son may not come back the same person.

Frankenstein: literary analysis

The stress of hunting for his creature was the death of him, in the end. His remorse in this part of the book, not felt because he is making another creature for the creature he already detests, but is felt for the rest of the sin that has been committed since the day his creature →

Literary analysis: and then there were none by agatha christie

If a student, for example, decided to cheat on a test, they would probably get a good grade, but they would be breaking a rule. He was incredibly adroit and was able to foresee how each person would act in a specific situation.

Literary analysis of catcher in the rye essay sample

He rationalizes why he has not had had sex, why he ordered the prostitute, why Sally did not want to go with him, and why he only gave the nuns $10. Holden remembers a book he read at one of the schools that he has been to, specifically the suave and sexy guy that was →

Literary analysis of o’henry

In many of O'Henry's shorts, he breaks the laws of grammar to sound like someone was reading it to us, he makes us feel sad and happy at the same time, and most of his stories are about people who have or are going to jail/prison. One of O'Henry's many writing styles is making it →

The burning of rome literary analysis

To turn readers against Nero, Tacitus evokes the emotions of hatred, pity, and sympathy when he says " The shrieks of panic stricken women, the weakness of the ages..".. Tacitus effectively uses the rhetorical strategies such as pathos, description, and narration to persuade readers to fall into his writing objective of making readers believe that →

The story of an hour: a literary analysis

She was a wife living for her husband, bending her will in a " blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature." Upon the death of her husband, she briefly felt sorrow for a loss of someone dear. It was the hidden joy →

Holden caulfield literary psychoanalysis

Though he is encouraged to do down and greet Jane, he blatantly ignores it and instead continues to only talk about Jane and his what he can remember about her. Holden seems to have cast his antisocial and misanthropic nature aside as he pretends to be interested in things that he clearly dislikes.

Literary analysis essay online

The romantic love that is so exalted throughout the novel is forbidden by Tita's mother in order to blindly enforce the tradition that the youngest daughter be her mother's chaste guardian. The saying ' like water for chocolate' alludes to this fact.

Literary analysis of i know why the caged bird sings

Thomas Lim December 9, 2010 English 2 Professor Padilla Themes of Racism and Segregation in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. While this book chronicles a lifetime of →

A literary analysis of my favorite novels life of frederick douglass; an american slave, rip van winkle, and the masque of the red death

The life of Frederick Douglas an American Slave is my favourite because it narrates a tale of survival against all odds underwent by Douglass in person and the rest of the slaves in the plantations during the dark era of slavery in America. He talks of the Christian religious hypocrisy of preaching water and taking →

Literary analysis of “the handmaid’s tale” essay

The complex nature of the setting, therefore, influences the direction of the story in that it helps the author to sufficiently blend historical and futuristic ideal in a way seen as still relevant to the modern world. Because the narrator is the emblem of the plight of all women in this society, telling the tale →

Literary analysis of “give me the splendid silent sun” by whitman

While living in Manhattan, Whitman heard " the sound of the trumpets and drums", " the rustle and clang of muskets" and witnessed " the soldiers in companies or regiments" and " the dense brigade.with high piled military wagons", all examples of the on-going struggle between the Union and the Confederacy over state's rights and →

Literary analysis – “night”

In the book " Night" the author Elie Wiesel takes the reader to a place in time that they wouldn' t ever want to journey to. The way Wiesel is able to identify that pain, it's a dire beauty; and can affect any person.

Gatsby literary analysis

Wealth and style had a lot to do with the developing of the story and the time period itself. Carelessness and dishonesty played a part in many different aspects of the story.

Gift of the magi literary analysis essay

Under the circumstances of the short amount of time he had to create the story, it is a charming showcase of his talents. Henry, that makes the two characters in the story, Jim and Della, just like the magi because they gave each other the wisest gifts of all.

Literary analysis free essay

My grandfather, till the day he died, was always reading, learning new things, and he even donated his own body to the university of Hawaii where he was a professor for the majority of his life! My grandfather was a persevering, hard working, and the knowledgeable man I hope to become one day.

Harrison bergeron literary analysis essay

When Harrison tries to rebel against the laws of the land, he is shot and killed." Harrison Bergeron" is similar to " 1984", a book written in 1948 by George Orwell. Vonnegut gives a dialogue of George and Hazel, Harrison's parents, which gives the reason of why no one can rebel." If there was some →

Literary analysis kite runner

Later in the book, it is emphasized to Amir that he has to look for Hassan's child, Sohrab, to guide him and protect him as he was his nephew." Amir saw similarities in Sohrab that he had once seen in Hassan. Rahim Khan was one of the few men that knew everything that occurred in →

Literary analysis of my bondage and my freedom

Douglass describes details of the places he lived throughout his life and the things he experienced both as a slave and as a free man. The setting during the early parts of Douglass' life is mainly beneficial to his growth, but a constant undertone of anxiety taints his memory of this time.

Literary analysis, frank norris zola as a romantic writer

In his essay, ' Zola as a Romantic Writer,' the author tries to explain that the renowned French author Emile Zola, who was an important figure in the French Literary Naturalism, is not just a radical realist but a realist with the halo of romanticism who makes use of images which could be proved romantic →

Literary analysis the things they carried

A Fight between Love and War In The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien the narrator of the story tells of the burdens him and his Soldiers face mentally, physically and emotionally in the Vietnam War. He was described as the " most frightened of the Soldiers." Jimmy Cross carried pictures, letters and a " good-luck →

Literary analysis

The theme of love is depicted through two generation of families, that of the Lintons, and that of the Earnshaws. Romantic love takes a variety of forms in this literature, and it is depicted through the passion of Catherine and Heathcliff, Hindley and Frances, the infatuations of Isabella, the love relationship between Cathy and Linton, →

Diagnostic literary analysis – “dogs don’t have souls, do they?” & “names of horses”

Diagnostic Literary Analysis Review of the poems " Dogs Do not Have Souls, Do They? " Written by Chuck Wells and " Names of Horses", by Donald Hall have provoked the question; which is the better Poem? The horse bares the harsh undertaking of all the household chores, hauling wood for fires and heat, plowing →

Short fiction literary analysis essay examples

They are the ones who are in charge of keeping things running smoothly and keeping the people routine and on time. The second type of men are those who are the brains of the state. These are the type of people who really show what the government is going and how they are responsible for →

Amir character literary analysis essay sample

Besides that, Amir is known as the only character who has some motives to solve his problem and get what he wants. In another side, by paying attention toward conflict and anxiety Amir experienced about, and motive Amir has to get what he wants and solve his problem, Amir's general description as the main character →

Literary analysis of “the necklace” by guy de maupassant essay

The life of the protagonist in the story, Mathilde, is used by the author, Maupassant, to contribute significantly to the overall meaning of the story. Her character, ambitions in life and her general point of view about various issues in life are used to bring out different themes and also help in the development of →

Literary analysis battle royal by ralph ellison

This literary story focuses on the issue of the struggles of a boy to get a propereducationover the obstacles that the issue of discrimination posts on his path to reach his goal. Analysis of the Elements in the Story The story of " Battle Royal" is mainly centralized on the struggle of a particular →

Stand by me: a literary analysis introduction

On the journey to find the body of this dead boy, our heroes discover themselves first and foremost. Each boy, in his own way, has to face his fears, but not alone; they all have each other to lean on. And, in the end, they stand by each other and do not back down.

The chrysalids by john wyndham: literary analysis

Through the plot, voices, and tone of the author, the story is shown to be incredibly thought provoking and free from any negative motive. The plot, told through the eyes of a boy named David Strorm, is a key aspect to knowing the author's message. This continuous dystopia that is shown to the reader implies →

Analysis of literary elements in pride and prejudice

The main purpose of a loose sentence is to create a informal and relaxed tone in a passage. This use of a loose sentence makes the reader feel more unforgettable as they get to know the characters and establishes the book as being a conversational piece. In this case, the book Force's Sermon's →

Literary analysis of a doll’s house by henrik ibsen

Lindke, he will be sure to tell Nora's secret to herfamily. Realizing what this would do to the wonderful life to come after the New Year, she begs Torvald to find a place for Mr. I must try and educate myself- you are not the man to help me in that.

Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban by j. k. rowling: literary analysis

Book Analysis of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban The title of my book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In Prisoner of Azkaban, the third book about the young wizard Harry Potter, is about Harry's third year at the magical school Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.

Animal farm by george orwell: literary analysis essay

While focusing on the fact that the purpose of the novella is to present the political regime in the Soviet Union before World War II, it is possible to state that the title is significant because it stresses on the inhuman nature of Joseph Stalin's regime. Providing the title for the work, Orwell seems to →

Virginia woolf’s a haunted house: literary analysis

The joy and love shared between two people is the treasure, the treasure of life. That the joy and love shared between two people is the treasure of life. A Meaningful Ghost Story

Small objects: a literary analysis of lullabies for little criminals

An abandoned doll in a trash bin could be seen as old and ugly to an average person, but to the person who originally owned the doll; it could have been particularly special. In the novel, Heather O'Neil illustrates the effects of such objects on Baby and their symbolic meaning. It is →

Animal farm literary analysis essay

In the story, Animal Farm, the author demonstrates the power of language as a mean of control in Old Major's speech, the commandments, and in Squealer's explanations of Napoleon's false testimonies. The power of language as a mean of control is demonstrated in the seven commandments due to the fact that they are a list →

Shakespeare’s hamlet literary analysis

It is strange that Hamlet is comfortable with playing at this point, but the main concept is that he is not acting out the role that he established in act one. Hamlet is saying this because he wants Horatio to watch the King at the play. He is unsure of his uncle s guilt, and →

Essay on lord of the flies literary analysis

Bash him in! " One of the first examples of the loss of innocence and emergence of a savageculturebetween the boys is demonstrated in this quote; the initial loss occurring during the killing of the pig, the emergence of savagery in the reenactment of the hunt. One of the first, larger violent section of the →

Literary analysis of the passage with “heart of darkness”

Through constructing a complex tale based on opposites: civilised versus savagery, a core of faith and belief versus hollowness, self-restraint and its lack, Joseph Conrad reveals that behind the rhetoric of civilisation lies an ironic hypocrisy in the colonial conquest's claim to be the agent of progress. Pointedly, Marlow's journey up-river acts to undermine the →

Literary analysis: beloved research papers examples

The plot of the novel is based on the effects, consequences and the results of the Civil War. The main character in the novel, Sethe is a former slave and she underwent cruel times under her master. She manages to escape but the escape was not smooth as she lost one →

Literary analysis: girl by jamaica kincaid essay samples

The story talks about the mother-daughter relationship, in the line of perceptions and objectives of life. Later in the story, the mother introduces advice on independence and responsibilities to the daughter.

Cormac mccarthy’s all the pretty horses: literary analysis

In the very beginning of the book, right after his grandfather's funeral, I saw this passage which reminded me of the classic west, " At the hour he would always choose when the shadows were long and the ancient road was shaped before him in the rose and canted light like a dream of the past →

Lord of the flies literary analysis essay

Three characters in the book who truly illustrate the theme of man's inner savage; man's inhumanity to others are Jack, Ralph, and Simon. The theme of the novel, man's inner savage; man's inhumanity to others is most apparent in Jack Merridew's character. His death signified the end of innocence, and goodness on →

Analyzing the theme of nature in literary devices english literature essay

The subject of nature is really of import to each of the texts to be discussed in this essay: The Fat Black Woman 's Poems by Grace Nichols ; Death of a Salesmanby Arthur Miller and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. It markschildhoodas taking topographic point in a damaged Eden.' [ 10 →

Literary analysis of a river runs through it by, norman maclean

In Normal Maclean s book A River Runs Through It the book is told through the eyes of Normal looking upon the actions of his brother, Paul, of whom is an outcast in society and his family. In the books A River Runs Through It , The Crucible , and The French Lieutenants Woman a →

Literary analysis: the wars essay sample

When Robert is first introduced in the story, he is reminded of a former girlfriend of his upon waiting at the train station. In this instance, Heather wants Robert to show his loyalty to her by fighting another man. When Robert does not agree to, it shows that he is the opposite of a woman's →

Example of a literary analysis in response to richard dawkins: is science a religion essay

That is why Dawkins really holds onto his ideas that science can unravel the truth and can verify the problems of uncertainties. Dawkins relies too much in science as the fundamental source of reason and logic. Granting that he is definitely and absolutely right of his statements, Dawkins fails to establish his claim →

Literary analysis essays example

His faith urges Goodman Brown not to continue his journey in the dark but to wait till sunrise to avoid the evil of the devil and keep in God's light which represents safety. Secondly, the walking stick is used a symbol in the story to show the trickery and shape-shifting nature of the devil. This →

Example of essay on literary analysis of the story medea

These are some of the things that she has forgone to be with Jason that is why the betrayal is more painful. The author also offers the slaves such as nurse and Tutor to illustrate to the audience of how they feel about Medea. Medea's style of speech is a soliloquy meaning that she was →

Literary analysis over george orwell essay sample

However, the complicacy of his situation lies in the fact that in his opinion British Empire was not doing the right thing in Burma. Of course this brought little peace to his soul and in general the attitude of the narrator towards his life situation can be described as quite bitter, though not completely deprived →

Literary analysis popular mechanics by raymond carver essay sample

The author simply describes the weather and " runs" through the rest of the story. The literal melting of the snow foreshadowed the breakdown of the marriage. The author has used the title " popular mechanics" symbolically.

Good essay about melancholy, madness, and misogyny: a literary analysis of act 1, scene 2 of william

In fact, some might consider that this scene from Hamlet is not important to the development of the plot, but, rather, it is the scene, Act 1, Scene 5, where the ghost of Hamlet's father tells how Hamlet's father was killed by Claudius, his brother, is actually the central driving force of the main plot →

Good example of essay on fiction literary analysis

In my opinion, it is hard to judge which force is the most powerful in human life (nature, society or supernatural essence), and these forces are represented in some way, in every work of literature. For example, in the play " No Child" by Nilaja Sun the ruling force in the human life is society, →

Literary analysis of “the daughters of the late colonel” by katherine mansfield essay sample

Literary Analysis of " The Daughters of the Late Colonel" by Katherine Mansfield Essay Sample " The Daughters of the Late Colonel" by Katherine Mansfield is a subtle short story about two daughters of the late colonel who are left with the task of preparing his funeral and getting on with their lives →

Literary analysis of “sugar dada” by j. allyn rosser

Allyn Rosser uses metaphors and imagery to explain that a woman's " sugar dada" is not really beneficial to his lover and the narrator is trying to get at the fact that this " love" is not a reality. Allyn Rosser uses symbols and metaphors to represent love and convey the view that change is →

Literary analysis night by elie wiesel

During the day I studied the Talmud, and at night I ran to the synagogue to weep over the destruction of the. This shows that he was dedicated to his religion and believed in God. He also turns from religious to loss of faith by forced to believe that his god would tolerate →

Literary analysis of tell-tale heart

Moreover, for the larger part of the play, Helmer is portrayed as having the most power in the relationship. He controls all themoney, and gives it to Nora as gifts. All those years, she has been what her father and husband, symbols of society, want her to be. The →

Through the doors of high school

Lord of the Flies is a classic because it is seen as a metaphor for high school in this contemporary era because of the struggle for power that is showed through the setting, the characters, and the symbols. This is the characteristics of the scar after the crash: " The undergrowth of the side of →

A literary analysis of dante’s inferno: sin and love of god essay

In the process, the analysis fails to see for what Dante's Inferno really is: An exquisitely wrought epic poem describing in immersive detail Dante's vision of Hell, his idea of divine justice and the scheme of sin and punishment. Therefore, to say that the work is solely an interpretation of evil and sin, and consequently, →

Literary analysis for all quiet on the western front

Setting (DESCRIBE the time period, geographical location, historical/social context) The setting in All Quiet on the Western Front takes place around the battlefield of the war, mainly the trenches. The young man's life was inept and forlorn from the start when he first became a part of the war.

Literary analysis of martin luther king jr’s letter to birmingham jail essay sample

MLK's use of diction gives him credibility as he establishes connections with the audience and comes off as a reasonable person. Martin Luther King Jr.also appeals to the readers' pathos throughout his letter as an attempt to convince them about the immoral nature of segregation. MLK's use of pathos allows the reader to understand →