Genuine Lab Report Examples

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Velocity and acceleration (video analysis) lab report

So, if this lab is completed correctly and not only will you be able to determine the acceleration and velocity of the car on the tract but of your golf ball as well, which could be fun to see who's is the highest with your friends. So, if we determine the velocity, then the acceleration β†’

Experiemental psychology – lab report example

While there is a slight differential, it was not significant enough to deem the results of the study conclusive that there is a marked advantage in word memory when heard through the right ear. It's possible that the simplicity of the word lists did not acutely test the right ear advantage strenuously enough to determine β†’

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Ilab report template assignment

Task 10, Step 1: Paste a screens showing the sequence of commands that you used to issue the " extended Ring" command on the Branch router, Question: Why was it necessary to use the extended Ping command as opposed to the simple version of the command? Question: According to the crypto map, What is the β†’

Physics archimedes principle lab report

In part B of the experiment, we were able to determine the change in mass of the lead rod from the air to the water and the volume of the lead rod. 38x10-4g.

Lab report: what is it, how to make, format and examples

However, have you known that the best variant to make your report ideal is to start writing it at the time when you begin the preparation for the research? A laboratory report is a type of academic writing which is focused on showing the process and the results of the investigation in black and white.

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The intake 02 and the parallel elimination of CA in the lungs and is called gas exchange with the environment or otherwise breath. In physiology respiration is defined as the transport of 02 in the body from the outside air to the cells within tissues and the transport of CA in the opposite direction.

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Microbiology unknown lab report assignment

In the box below, diagram the results of the Oxides Test. IS In the box below, diagram the results of the Coagulate Test.

3d printer – lab report example

3D Printer 3D Printer Equipment The equipments in the lab include a Maker Bot Replicator 2, Z Corporation Spectrum 2510, FANUC Robot LR Meta 200ic, and LMU3D 1 printer. Process The process for 3D printing is a lengthy process, but in the end, it turns digital designs into realism.

Organic chemistry lab report assignment

In a multistep synthesis, the product of the first step is used as a starting material in a second step, and so on, until a final product is obtained. For example, in a crystallization experiment the learning objective is to illustrate the technique of crystallization by having the student perform the steps involved.

Pressure distribution around circular cylinder lab report biology essay

The purposes of the probe is to mensurate the force per unit area distribution on the surface of a smooth cylinder placed with its axis perpendicular to the flow and to compare it with the distribution predicted for frictionless flow, and to cipher the drag coefficient of the cylinder. Since force per unit area tapping β†’

Distillation and fraction distillation lab report assignment

The temperature was recorded when the first drop of distilled solution was collected and every mL afterwards until a temperature of 100oC was reached and 1-2 mL of solution was collected afterwards. However, this temperature was found useless as the location f the thermometer was at the top of the distillation apparatus and the boiling β†’

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment assignment

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Key Terms in Literature, by Ismail S Talib, what to include in an introduction in an essay, cold war stability essay. Experiment 5.1.

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Global navigation system – lab report example

The annual costs incurred in the working and maintenance of G.P. The accuracy of G.P.

Extraction lab report

An acid-base extraction is a solvent-solvent extraction, in almost every case one of the solvents is water or an aqueous solution and a requirement of a solvent-solvent extraction is that the mixture of the two solvents will separate into two layers. At the end of the procedure the neutral compound was recovered in its solid β†’

Osmosis lab report assignment

We tied off one end of the dialysis tubing to create a bag, filled it with distilled water, and tie of other end to close. Then we filled a 250 ml beaker with only distilled water, and immersed the bag in the beaker and let stand for 30 minutes.

Types and characteristics of joints – lab report example

On the other hand, the cartilaginous joints are bonded by the cartilage while the synovial joints are usually separated by a fluid-filled cavity. The major symptoms of the disease are portrayed by swelling and stiffening of the joints.

Mortar – lab report example

Results a) The result of the experimental study has put forward the bond prism strength to be 6989.b) However the shear prism strength was 5 Mpa c) The masonry mortar cylinder average strength was 93. Also it got reflected in the shear test as the mortar was slipping away while applied between the bricks.

Salt fractionation of plasma proteins | lab report

At low concentrations, the presence of salt stabilizes the various charged groups on a protein molecule, thus attracting protein into the solution and enhancing the solubility of protein. The precipitated protein is collected and categorized according to the concentration of the salt solution at which it is formed.

Electronic laboratory practise – lab report example

The use of the oscilloscope, the signal generator, the power supply and digital multimeter were used to understand applications of various electronic circuits. Practice on the application of digital multimeter and oscilloscope in measurement of current, voltage and resistance was also achieved.

Wet amounts and hanging drops – lab report example

For the Vaseline to be in touch with the slide and the depression to be above the culture drop, the depression slide was upturned over the cover slip. This was meant to assist in making observations close to the edge of the culture drop and not in the middle.

Lab report: friction

It is due to molecules of the surface is resisting the molecules of the object squeezed on it. Thus, it is a force which resists the relative motion of one surface in contact with another.

Gas chromatography lab report assignment

As the component is been passed thru the oven, a reading is shown on the monitor that shows the area under the curve and also the retention time f the gas in the column. The gas chromatography tells us that it is only 99.

Micro unknown lab report

A Durham tube is used to collect any gas that may be produced, and is reported as if a bubble appears on the inside and if the organism cannot ferment the glucose and no bubble is trapped inside the tube. This is deduced by the addition of Reagent A and Reagent B, and the observation β†’

Enzyme lab report introduction

A lot of enzymes are bigger than the substrate they act on, but only a little part of the enzyme involved directly with the catalysis. Without enzymes the chemical reactions in the body, would be so slow, the body would shut down.

Industrial noise – lab report example

Methodology Once the experiment is set up with the Belton audiometry and the headphones, one person is supposed to wear the audiometry headphones as the other person adjusts the hearing level and the frequency of the audiometry from 125 Hz up to 8000 Hz. The operator of the audiometry and the subject hears the sound β†’

Determination of the liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index of a cohesive soil – lab report example

LL1 LL2 LL3 LL4 Initial gauge reading 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Final gauge reading 13.4 14.8 14.2 18.6 19.5 18.6 19.0 19. From step of the laboratory procedure for the determination of the liquid limit, the theoretical value of moisture content which would produce a penetration of β†’

Magnesium oxide lab report essay sample

Allow the crucible to cool and then add 10 drops of water to convert the magnesium nitride to magnesium hydroxide.5. Weigh the crucible, its lid, and the product of the reaction.

Osmosis lab report assignment

Temperature of the solutions All the beakers were kept in the same place, so the solutions experienced the same conditions. In this experiment, the movement of water in and out of potato cells left in sodium chloride solution will be investigated.

Scientific question at hand – lab report example

The causal variable in the experiment would be the amount of sunlight the seed received. I would collect observable data on the percentage of each grid space that was sprouting grass.

Copper cycle lab report

Any attempt to alter the original data or use a different set of data in the analyses contained in this report is an act ofacademicdishonesty and will be penalized as such. Some marks will be allocated to the completeness of your data.

Genetics of organisms lab report

To prevent this, wedge a wand that has been dipped in fly nap between the foam stopper and the vial so that it reaches into the vial to anesthetize the flies. To remove the immobilizers flies from the vial, it is important to be gentle and avoid crushing any flies.

Diffusion and osmosis lab report assignment

When there is a higher concentration tot one type of molecule outside of a cell, water will move through a membrane out of the cell in order to make the water concentrations equal. Record observations Of the color Of the starch and the water in the container.

Osmosis lab report assignment

After the beakers were filled to the appropriate amounts they were then labeled with the different sugar concentrations. After the tube was filled up halfway, each member then tied up the open ends of the bags tightly with string.

Periodic and families relationship of typical element – lab report example

The chemical properties of elements in this group are marked by the high reducing power of these metals. Group 2 elements are the second most reactive family of elements in the periodic table after group 1 elements.

Dehydration and gc lab report

The breaking of the C-LV bond is completed before any reaction occurs between the base to lose a hydrogen and form the carbon-carbon double bond [1]. The peak height or the peak area is used to quantitate the amount of substance.

Biology! lab report on evolution assignment

The null hypothesis for this experiment is that the flashier the male are more attractive they will become to the female and predators. This will lead to the decrease of population and changes in the population.

Electron beam lithography – lab report example

Reducing the beam spot size results in a decrease of the linewidth. The beam spot size is determined by two factors - the beam current, and the numerical aperture - and hence, linewidth is also affected when a change is brought about in any of these factors.

Oedometer labs test – lab report example

The ring is rotated to pare off the excess soil by cutting such that the sample is reduced to the same that is inside the diameter of the ring. 0 2566 5.

Enthalpy of solution lab report assessed assignment

This has a lot of heat loss to the surroundings since heat is easily radiated to the surrounding air. Also, the weaknesses might cancel out a little since stirring the solution generates heat and the poor apparatus makes the solution loose heat to the surrounding air.

Catalase formal lab report

Remove the test tubes from the water bath using a test tube holder and place the test tubes in the test tube rack to cool, and record the color of each tube's contents in Table two. To each tube add forty drops of Beirut's solution and record the results in Table six.

Ph levels lab report assignment

Since we had the set of standards we were able to compare the colors of the drinking water with the different pH levels, to make an educated guess n what each drinking water's pH was. After we had the red cabbage indicator experiment done, we tested the actual pH level of each type of drinking β†’

Chemistry lab reportconclusion flashcard

The magnitude of parallax error indicated on each piece of volumetric glassware is low because volumetric glassware are made to measure volume of liquid very accurately with a given marker. If the mark on the volumetric is exceeded, it is be considered parallax error due to the position of eyes and the angle towards the β†’

Lab report electrophoresis assignment

The photo on the left shows the plate with the stain and the photo on the right show the plate with the banding pattern after the stain is washed off. The photo on the left shows the plate with the stain and the photo on the right show the plate with the banding pattern after β†’

Education article summary – lab report example

This inventory was created to assess the states' view of current practice and policies as applied to identifying the students in need of special education services. The conflict arose because while the IDEA prior to 2004 had identified several methods to identify the students who had learning disabilities in need of special services, there was β†’

Density determination lab report essay

LAB REPORT #1 DENSITY DETERMINATION CHEMISTRY INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this experiment is to find out the density of the unknown solid object by determining the mass and the volume through the experiment. 5 Volume of Unknown: 7 Volume of Unknown: 6.

Engineering and construction assignment – lab report example

25 H 20 -6-200 B1 is the bar call up code, in this 25 is the bar no, H is the bar type/Class, 20 is the bar diameter, 6 is the earmark on the respective drawing, 200 is the spacing between the bars in mm and lastly B1 is the suffix.4. The basic philosophy behind β†’

Osmosis lab report

10 grams, at time 45 minutes difference in mass of -0. 19 grams, at time 60 minutes difference in mass of -0.

Fetal pig lab report

Once the fetal pig is back at the lab bench, carefully take the pig out of the bag and place the pig inside of the dissecting tray. Once the fetal pig is back at the lab bench, carefully take the pig out of the bag and place the pig inside of the dissecting tray.

Physics lab report

Materials * Ticker Tape Machine * Ticker Tape * Tape * Ruler * Pencil * Graph paper Carbon paper Procedure * A piece of Ticker Tape and a Ticker Tape machine were taken.* Ticker Tape machine was plugged in.* One side of the Ticker Tape was attached to the back of a participant.* The other β†’

Central nervous system – lab report example

In the Rinne test, with regards to Sensorineural hearing loss, one can expect to find the air condition and bone equally reduced. Finally, with regards to conductive hearing loss and the Rinne test, a person can expect to find the conditions of the bone and air negative.

Lap – lab report example

Experiment North Circumpolar Motion Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: By tracking the apparent motions of stars relative to two set points, the North Star and the earth's surface, the observer visualizes his relative position on the earth's surface and appreciates the rotation of the earth. By pointing one finger at β†’

Lab report analysis

The NETL Drilling High Pressure High Temperature Drilling Phenomena and Electrical Filters lab reports have 4 or 5 figures to represent the purpose of the lab report. The NETL lab is professional because it is a work of the government.

Extracts from camera lucida – lab report example

In questioning the very essence of a person Barthes strives to find a photo of his deceased mother that captures her true essence, but according to Barthes none of the photos seem to fit until he comes across one that was taken when his mother was a child. When Barthes tried to find a photo β†’

Matlab report bingo card assignment

Unfortunately found this assignment much more difficult than the previous one; therefore I could not get the bingo card to work in the way that I would have liked it to. However could not get the code to work so I removed it.

Physics sl lab report design

Focused problem: Investigate the relationship between the surface area of a circular hole and the time water takes to drain through it. Variables: Independent: Surface area of the hole Dependent: Time water takes to drain Fixed: Amount of Water Container Environmental Conditions Aspect 2: Control of the Variables The independent variable in this case Is β†’

Lab report biodiversity assignment

Justification of hypothesis According to formula for Simpson s diversity index, D = N / n, where N is total number of organisms, while n is sum of individuals within a piece, we can see that sum of all individuals and total number of organisms of particular species affect the biodiversity index. These variables control β†’

Ph lab report assignment

Once calibrated, measure the pH level of beaker A until the meter gives the result of the solution. The pH reading that was measured by using the pH meter and the result of the pH reading to determine whether the solution was acidic or basic.

Pharmacology lab report assignment

5 log CDR of carbonyl was carried UT as experimental protocol I to establish and determine the effect of time- control on the tissue. 5 log CDR to carbonyl was constructed and the process was repeated twice more using higher concentrations of antagonist.

Path of light – lab report example

LAB REPORT ON THE EXPERIMENT OF PATH OF LIGHT al Affiliation LAB REPORT ON THE EXPERIMENT OF PATH OF LIGHT In the experiment on the movement of light as a result of the streaming of sunlight outline the concept and the travel of light where there are no obstruction and where there are objects that β†’

Earthquakes & subduction zones lab report

The three key features associated with a subduction zone are a deep ocean trench, a volcanic arc on the overriding plate parallel to the trench, and a plane of earthquakes, shallow near the trench and descending beneath and beyond the volcanic arc. Form a hypothesis about the relative ages of the East Pacific Rise material β†’

Neurophysiology lab report

Activity 1-4: Eliciting a Nerve Impulse In this experiment, we will be investigating what stimulates action potential on the nerve being tested on the oscillator. Click the clear button, and increase the voltage and click single stimulus until you see a trace that indicates action potential.

Unknown lab report for microbiology assignment

The first procedure that was done was a gram stain followed by a streak of the unknown on a TTS plate in order to determine the gram reaction and observe the colony morphology. The lactose test was repeated and gave a result that was consistent with the other data.

Chromatography of photosynthetic pigments | lab report

The retention value for each one of the pigments and the concentration of chlorophyll a and b were calculated, and all of the results were put in tables. That means that a smaller amount of light managed to pass through the pigments of chlorophyll a and b.

Density lab report

The purpose of this experiment is find the density of two metals using their mass and volume. To calculate the density of metals the experimenters had to find out the mass and volume of each and then use the following formula: d= m/V.

Lab report preparation guidelines assignment

In the case of a specific chemical test the relevant balanced reaction equation, as well as the result must be included here. The spectra you obtain in the lab should be almost identical, in every important aspect, to the references you provide.

Unknown mixtures lab report

From looking at table 1 and then comparing the appearance of the known substances to the unknown substance the unknown substance is the most similar to the appearances and characteristics of dirt and sugar. CONCLUSION/ EVALUATION/IMPROVEMENTS: The purpose of this experiment was to find out the two substances of the unknown mixture out of salt, β†’

Microbiology lab report/sauerkraut fermentation

Fermentation is one of those processes that are extensively used and studied as tool in food processing and production such as the production of beer and milk, as well as its role in spoiling of various foods, such as the spoilage of wine. The leaves are removed form the heads of the cabbages, rinsed, cleaned, β†’

How temperature affects reaction rate

Hypothesis: I predict that the higher the temperature, the higher the Reaction Rate will be. Therefore I predict that the Reaction rate of the 40 C heated Lime Stones and HCL acid will be higher than the 35 C heated Lime Stones and HCL acid.

Identification of unknown carbohydrates | lab report

00 ml of iodine reagent was added to one tube and 1. 00 ml of Benedict's reagent was added to the other.

Metals and corronslon – lab report example

Also, comparison of the brittleness of the three indicates that iron is more brittle as compared to copper and brass. The alloy of copper and iron, brass is harder than the pure metals.

White rat dissection lab report assignment

After the Bible based lecture the speaker comes off stage and someone introduces the next song from the song book to sing before covering the Watchtower, The watchtower discussion is a one-hour question-and-answer overage of a recent article on a Bible topic published in their main religious journal, The Watchtower after reading a section of β†’

Lab report: gas laws essay

Once water temperature was found to have reached desired temperature of 80 C the capillary tube's gas bubble was read at the top of bubble in order to deduct from initial reading to determine the changes forced on gas bubble from increase in temperature, the capillary tube's gas bubble read 3. Measured top of capillary β†’

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The following hypothesis was made in regard to effect of the concentration gradient on the rate of diffusion: The higher the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion. The independent variable in the experiment was the concentration of the solution, and the dependent variable was the rate of diffusion.

Lab report on osmosis assignment

The table should record the type of solution in the cup and the mass of the potatoes in the cup.6. 24 hours later you will need to come and measure the mass of your potato cores.

Reacting acids and bases lab report

The purpose of this lab was to determine what happens when and acid reacts with a base, and how to detect a neutralization. Discussion The purpose of this lab was to determine what happens and how to detect when an acid and a base neutralize.

Measurement and instrumentation lvdt sheet – lab report example

Acceleration measurement whereby the displacement of a mass is measured by the LVDT.3. Maintains a linear relationship between the voltage difference output and displacement from each position of the core for a displacement of up to 40 millimeter.

Creating a flowchart design for the validation check process – lab report example

INPUT VALIDATION CHECKS ID] s INPUT VALIDATION CHECKS In the process of Taibert Corporation deploying the expertise of a programmer to develop an online data entry system that minimizes the level of knowledge required by the operator, it is important for the programmer to ensure that the data received and processed by the application is β†’

Environmental microbiology lab report assignment

Take out the cotton swab, dip it into the test tube of distilled water, and place it back into the original package with the cotton tip facing down.4. Take the cotton swab in the other hand and gently swab it against the appropriately labeled half of the nutrient agar's surface evenly.

Hardness testing lab report

The purpose of the following experiments is to study the hardness of different types of materials, and to understand the significance of this property in materials. The results of the Rockwell Hardness test on the high carbon steel specimen and the ASSAB steel specimen give a higher Vicker's Hardness for the ASSAB steel specimen.

Lab report about examination of protozoan cultures

Despite differences in locomotion and the varying plant-like and animal-like organelles, all protists share key characteristics and functions that allow them to feed, grow, and reproduce processes essential for survival and common to complex organisms. The oral groove is like a mouth, taking food in with the help of cilia, which direct and move the β†’

Digestive system lab report essay sample

Recorded the color of the solution and the observations of each tube in Table 1 in the Analysis section of the lab.7. Added 5 ml of the pancreatin solution to each test tube.

Hcl + mg lab report

Cut the strip of magnesium into 10 mm pieces with the scissors/knife and then hold them in the beaker.2. Put a piece of magnesium into the test tube filled with HCl.5.

Lab report on ideal gas law

When doing this, it was very important that the water level inside of the tube was equal to that of the surrounding water in the bucket, because that ensured that since the water pressure in the tube was the same as that of the surrounding water, the pressure of the gas would be the same β†’

Redox titration lab report

To standardize the potassium dichromate weigh out about 0.g of ferrous ammonium sulfate, hexahydrate into a 250 mL flask and dissolve in 50 mL of deionized water and mix for two minutes. To titrate the unknown sample of Fe weigh out about 0.

Openchannel flow – lab report example

Beta states that a surface parallel to the channel bottom induces a uniform fluid flow. The introduction of a weir along the channel of fluid flow results to an increase in the fluid level.

Guidelines for lab report assignment

1 The Title Page This is the most important section of the report because it provides information about the name of the experiment, author, and date. 3 The Introduction The introduction sections in a report states the objectives of the experiments and provide the reader with the background to the experiment.

Biology protein lab report

The objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver. Introduction The main objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver, and then use the spectronic 20 to discover the concentration of protein found in the beef liver.

Calibration of pressure measurement system – lab report example

The digital pressure gauge has a selection point for the required display unit to be posted on the screen. Operation The pressure is applied to the pressure sensors within the equipment.

Assignments and lab reports assignment

Scenarios: Scenario 1 Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4: Part II: Designing an Experiment For the second part of your assignment, you get to apply the scientific method to a real life situation. Think about a scenario or problem that could occur in your life in which you can apply the scientific method to answer β†’

Lab report the effects of drugs on cardiac physiology assignment

The second phase of the experiment was to connect the pulse transducer to the index finger or the right hand. The area between the peak of the R wave and the peak in the pulse group was highlighted using the I-beam tool.

Fluid mechanics lab report assignment

Measurement of the flow depth and the channel width was taken.2. A potassium permanganate trace was again added upstream of the orifice and the subsequent streamlines for the flow through the conduit were sketched.5.

Kinimatics and dynamics – lab report example

Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Institute Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Aim: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the relationshipbetween the precession angular velocity, the spin angular velocity, the applied moment and the rotational mass moment of inertia of a gyroscope in steady precession. Measure the angular velocity of the gyroscope using the tachometer.5.

Horse power – lab report example

Table 2 Person A is observed to be a fast-moving student as evidenced by an average of 5. 72 watts and 61 horsepower on average.3.

Ib biology lab report

Sometimes the best thing to do for your method is to draw a diagram of the experimental set up and refer to it. The uncertainty of the quantitative data and the units of the uncertainty need to be recorded once in the column heading.

Eco bottle lab report essay

One power unique to the House of Representatives is that revenue bills must originate from the House; the framers gave this power to the House because the House of Representatives is more representative of the entire population than the Senate is. One power unique to the Senate is that they are the ones that try β†’

Individuel – lab report example

The project involved a restructuring of a hall that remained located in the middle of the University of Wales, Newport. In addition, it comprised meeting the deadline for project completion and finally enhancing the technical skills for each of the member in the project.