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Oprah winfrey biography

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“ It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” This is a famous quote from the famous Oprah Winfery.

Although she is the richest women alive now she wasn’t anywhere near wealthy as a child. Winfery went through a lot to get her where she is today. One can only imagine her life as she once had to live, but with her struggles and all she was put through she never gave up. She is an inspiration to both men and women in many ways like in business and as a talk show host. Like everyone in the world Oprah had someone she looked up to also. Oprah didn’t become who she is today without any talent at all, as a little girl she learned to read and write at the age of three by her grandmother.

A perfect example of this is found in an article about her life. It states, “ At that age she also was reciting poems and bible verses in local churches. Even as young as she was Oprah knew she wanted to be “ paid to talk” but her grandmother wouldn’t let her speak to adults and if she disobeyed she would get whipped” (“ Oprah Winfrey Biography”). It didn’t make sense because everyone always wanted her to talk. After that Oprah was sent to live with her mom in Milwaukee where she was to take care of her stepbrother and sister while her mother worked long hours during the day.

This is also another reason why her life was so bad living with her mother. “ At age nine her nineteen year old cousin who would babysit her sexually abused her, Oprah was also raped by another family friend, her mother’s boyfriend and a once favorite uncle.” (“ Oprah Winfrey Biography”). Oprah’s life started changing for the better when she was able to reunite with her father who took her back to Nashville. Her father and her new stepmother were strict on her and pushed her to be academically successful. Oprah had to do extra tasks after school like book reports and five new vocabulary words every week.

“ For Oprah high school opened a lot of doors to her future career and dreams, she took public speaking and joined drama classes.”(“ Oprah Winfrey Biography”). Later she got a job for a local radio station and won a contest that got her a scholarship to Tennessee State University which has lead her to her career path. After high school and college Oprah explored her options after some didn’t work out as her being a reporter, but later she was offered a job as a co-host of a morning talk show called people will talk. After this she was positive she found her calling.

An example was found in an article that says, “ She finally got her own show in September of 1985 the name of the show was later switched to “ The Oprah Winfery Show.” After Oprah got her own show she won 3 Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding talk/service program.” (“ Oprah Winfrey Biography”). She was also very successful with being the first person to run her own show and her own production company. “ Oprah knows as long as she is making a difference in people’s lives she will keep her show going.

” (“ Biography”). Everyone has that one special person in their life that they would do anything for like making them happy in every way possible. Whether it’s buying them things, or doing the right thing to keep others happy. “ Oprah had her father there for her after a difficult time she spent living with her mother. He took her in and was a strict loving parent who kept her educated and wanted her to succeed in life.

” (“ Biography”). Oprah says she loves her father for being a big influence on her to get educated and explore. Her dreams came true because she took a big risk when she left school to take the job as a news reporter in Chicago. Life will never be easy, it doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person alive; it’s possible for these billionaires to have related stories that are as chilling as Oprahs growing up in abuse. Oprah Winfrey had a hard life living with her mother and being raped by family members, but later rescued by her father who helped her become who she is today. This great woman has earned all the success she now has.

Millions of people look up to her around the world. A lesson that can be taken from Oprah is to follow your heart and dreams, risk all you can if you’re positive it’s what you want in the long run because nothing but the best will be at the end waiting for you. Work cited “ Oprah Winfrey Biography”. Oprah Winfrey Biography. 1 September, 2011. www.

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