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Online Education: Conclusion: Concluding, the discussion above aims at establishing the relationship between modern technologies and learning process. The purpose is to clarify the idea that both entities are inextricably linked to one another and depend on each other more now than ever before. But, the need of the time is to get teachers properly acquainted with accurate usage of myriad technologies. It creates multiple hurdles for students when teachers are not adept at correct integration of technology in the classroom. It is critically valuable to guide the older teachers in this regard to prevent the creation of a digital divide between them and younger teachers. Strategies like this can directly influence learning process and enhance it for the better. Though online education with the help of modern modes of technology translates into less student-teacher interaction, but the truth is that the merits of this mode of education far outweigh its demerits. Out of all teachers and students interviewed during the course of this research, majority coincided with online education giving logical reasons to augment their approval. It is a well-established scientific fact that some students are right brain dominant, while others are left brain dominant. While verbal lectures among other conventional teaching methods are more suitable for left brain dominant students, right brain dominant students learn better through videos. The conclusion is that though online education is quite beneficial, real learning process should be a mix of both conventional and modern teaching methods because student-teacher interaction cannot be substituted by anything else.

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