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Objectives of fmcg companies

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Multinational companies (FMCG)


By going through the analysis of vision, mission of McDonalds the main objectives of McDonalds are:

They want to be on the top of every restaurant in the world. They want to provide excellent food quality to their customers. They want to increase their customers. They want to give customers satisfaction by providing them their products in every outlet. They keep their customers on level like they give same value to every customer.

Pizza hut


According to the vision and mission statement of pizza hut the main objectives of pizza hut are:

They want to serve their customers.

They want to give the best food products.

They want to make their delivery service faster and in a better way.

They want to give their products a good taste.

They also want to increase their sales so that to attract more customers.

Domino’s pizza


The main objectives of domino’s pizza are as given below.

They want to develop themselves according to needs and wants of customers.

They want everyone to be their customers.

They want to make good environment for customers to attract them.

They also want to increase their market shares.

They want to increase their brand loyalty.

Stakeholders of chief

Following are the names of stakeholders of Chief.





Internal stakeholders:



External stakeholders:



Connected stakeholders:



Objectives of stakeholders:

There are many stakeholders of an organization like customers, staff, management etc. so according to their point of view they have following objectives.

The main objective of staff is to increase their salaries.

Customer’s main objective is to get good quality products from a company.

Supplier wants to get more profit from his materials like anything used in organization. E. g. table, chair, lights, machinery etc.

Shareholder wants to increase the profit earned by organization, or they want to increase their shares.

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Objectives are achieved or not:

The objectives of customers are achieved in chief because they are getting good quality food products.

The objectives of shareholder are also increased because they are providing good quality food products by which more customers are attracted and more profit is earned by chief.

Supplier’s objectives are also achieved because as the chief is earning more profit so in the result they are buying more stuff from the suppliers like vegetables, chicken, drinks etc.

The objectives of employees are also increased because as the chief is earning more profit by getting more customers attention so they have increased the salaries of their employees to satisfy their needs.

Organization which affects three areas:

I have selected KFC and three areas which I have selected are customers, employees and environment.


KFC has provided basement parking lot which is not suitable place for customers. It takes too much time to park a car in basement because more time is wasted. So most of the customers always park their cars outside KFC on main road with no safety. Secondly KFC is providing self service; service should be done by employees to satisfy their customers. Thirdly the menu is not listed on table for customers so it is unable for them to decide their food order with their families and friends.


KFC should open their old parking lot area.

They should provide the employee service.

They should provide menu food items list on the table.


For employees KFC is not providing proper friendly environment. They only want their employees to do hard work. They are not providing job security . i. e. if there is sudden blast held near KFC then it is dangerous for employees because they won’t be able to work.


They should provide friendly environment; like they should provide a gossip room for employees to take a little break for refreshment.

Daily food should be given free to the employees; so that they can be satisfied from their management. Because it is very difficult for an employee to arrange his daily meals according to his salary.

They should give job security.


Environment outside KFC is not so much good as it should be. KFC has owned an area near it, so people used to park their cars there. But after some months they closed that area. So nowadays people park their cars on main road to which the outside environment is affected; like traffic is mostly jam due to cars parked outside KFC.


They should open their old parking area.

They should launch banners on roads related to environment so that their message can be conveyed to the people.

Handbook related to Pakistan economy

Pakistan economy:

After the independence of Pakistan the economy of Pakistan was not stable because the conditions were not good as people from India were migrating to our country where there was almost no industry. Therefore there was no employment but as the time passed Pakistan started development slowly and gradually due to which Pakistan started struggle. As the time passed the numbers of industries were increased slowly this made the economy of Pakistan better as compared to era of 1947.

Nowadays if we see the economy of Pakistan in the current stage so we see high rate of inflation, corruption, debts etc due to which the economy of Pakistan is not good which was seen good in the era of 1990 to 2000.

Secondly the imports are more in number which means more products are purchased from foreign countries and more money is going abroad, which has a negative impact on economy of Pakistan.

Economic system:

There are different economic systems in the world. But in Pakistan the system is mixed economy means combination of socialism and communism means most of the industries are owned and run by the government. And less number are owned by private sectors.

And government allows private sectors to own business under some rules and regulations which are implemented by the government and government also takes some tax from the organizations.

GDP of Pakistan:

According to economy of Pakistan there are many industry working, the products which provide benefit and plus point to the Pakistan are sports goods, cutlery which is world class and therefore it provides about maximum profit to the economy of Pakistan. Secondly service sectors also provide great amount of profit to raise GDP of Pakistan. Last and the imported thing is the agriculture sector. Pakistan exports a large of things related to agriculture industries like rice, flour, fruits etc. they also give more benefit to the economy of Pakistan (GDP).

Exports of Pakistan:

Export means those products which are in excess amount and which are of good quality and have a competitive advantage and are send outside the country. The products which are send outside our country are listed below.




dry fruits




sports goods



Imports of Pakistan:

Import means those products which are brought from other countries. Following are the products which are imported from outside countries.



high machinery



Pc’s and laptops

Different school of thoughts:

My opinion:

As we know that nowadays in our country taxes are very high, and there is unemployment. So taxes should be reduced because it is very difficult for a low class person to pay the government taxes. If the tax would be low then it is easy for everyone to buy anything and economy growth will be increase. . e. g. if there is a low class employee then it will be easy for him to buy such a things and in result economy will be run in cyclic form. It will benefit our government which will cause an increase in the economy.

1st thought:

According to 1st thought there is corruption in our country. So the corruption should be reduced in our country. Work should be done honestly by every person. By this much of the money can be saved for public so it can increase the availability of job opportunities. Many public services can be done . i. e. wide roads, availability of electricity, rules regulation of driving. This can be done giving enough salaries to police etc. so they will avoid corruption. If corruption will be reduced then it will increase the economic growth, more income will be earned, then more things will be bought in the market and in result it will benefit our government.

2nd thought:

According to 2nd thought there is inflation in our country. Due to inflation buying power of a person decreases, prices are charged high, and sometimes products are not available due high prices. When prices are high then the normal person mostly spend on necessities and avoid buying luxury stuffs like Armani suit, Gucci, Mark Spenser etc. if the prices of things are decreased and kept normal according to the income of a normal person so they will spend more on things means they will do more buying which will help to grow the economy of a country.

3rd thought:

As there is less number of industries in our countries due to which there is high number of unemployment means everyone don’t have money to spend. Due to which there is less economic growth in our country. If the money is spend proper by the government to grow the industries which will raise the employment number. By this people will get job and due to this they will spend money which will help in economic growth.

Two recent government policies

I have selected two recent government policies which are changed in the last year.

They are gasoline and electricity.

Environment policy:

Government has changed the policy of environment. According to this policy government implemented the rules that the environment should be clean, hygienic, and less number of pollution and extra trees should not be cut and more number of trees should be grown. If there is a company and it is doing a business and it has high level of production then it will release more pollution then environment will be affected too much. So this policy has an advantage that if a company is making air pollution then by growing more trees then pollution will be vanished. The companies in the surrounding areas will get benefit from this.


Government has changed the policy of electricity. According to this policy there will be load shedding about 8 to 10 hours. It has affected many businesses. Like if a company is doing a business of machinery, then for making one machinery it took about 3 days to manufacture but now due to load shedding it takes about 9 days to manufacture due to which the number of production has decreased.

On other hand if we look for positive impact, labors are getting benefit because they are doing nothing during the time of load shedding and are getting same salaries as they were getting before.

Market structures

There are four market structures which are here discussed below.



perfect competition



The main characteristics of monopoly are given below.

There is no substitute of monopoly.

There is only one seller in the market.

There is no competitor of monopoly.

There is publicity for their sales promotion.

Monopoly is a price maker of its own choice.


There is no such monopoly in Pakistan. WAPDA is an example of monopoly but nowadays there are generators through which we can generate electricity so there is no such monopoly in Pakistan.


The main characteristics of oligopoly are given below.

There are less number of producers and sellers.

Entry is difficult.

There is quality of product.


Telecommunication services which provides good quality of service and are less in number like Ufone, Telenor, Zong etc. and secondly entry is not easy because they have to take permission according to some rules and regulation from PTA.


The main characteristics are given below.

There are few numbers of buyers and few numbers of sellers.

New firms can enter into the market.

There are different products.

There is control over price.

There is tough competition in the market.


Sports goods are only manufactured in Sialkot mean they are few in numbers. The price is controlled by them and as they are few in numbers so the competition is tougher between them.

Perfect competition:

The main characteristics are given below.

There are many numbers of buyers and sellers.

The products are identical or same.

They have perfect knowledge about the market.


Super crisp, Suzuki Pakistan as number of buyers of such products and services are very much and the sellers as well. The products are also homogeneous.

3 companies changing themselves according to environment

Mr. Cord:

As in early months ago Mr. Cord restaurant was launched in Peshawar. They are adjusting themselves according to the environment of Peshawar. So nowadays they are introducing their new product grilled fish tikka. Most of the people of Peshawar visit sardaryab for eating fish there with relatives and friends, so keeping this view Mr. Cord has launched grilled fish tikka to avoid people going to far places.

Suzuki Pakistan:

We see in our country that there are mostly middle class families. They cannot afford latest and expensive models of cars because of low buying power and people spend more on necessities so they cannot afford luxury cars. By keeping this view in mind Suzuki has launched small cars of alto, cultus, swift etc. these cars have low fuel consumption level and the price kept on these cars are affordable. Therefore Suzuki has changed them selves according to the environment of Pakistan.

HP laptops:

As Hp is a company which manufacture computers. Nowadays we see around that most of people related to business, students bring laptops with them selves, it is very difficult to bring big bags of laptops so according to this change of view Hp has launched mini laptops for students, and business related people. These laptops are very small in size and are having less weight and prices are also kept low according to environment of Pakistan. So it is nowadays very easy to bring.

Two companies sustaining their competitive advantage strategy


As Toyota is very famous for its brand so they have focused on reliability and comfort ability. They have sustained their competitive advantage strategy. Because many people in our country buy Toyota just because it is comfortable and reliable. Toyota is mostly used by aged people so it means they have sustained their competitive advantage strategy. And this thing can be easily said that Toyota is reliable because still we see 1974’s model of Toyota’ vehicles.


Honda is also very famous for its brand name in our country. Honda Company has focused on the speed of the car. They have sustained its competitive advantage because nowadays in our country youngsters do car racing on roads. Mostly they use Honda engine in their cars or they use Honda car. Honda has kept powerful v-Tec technology in it so that’s why youngsters prefer Honda for its sustainable competitive advantage. As we see the power of engine of Honda 1988 is almost same it was before in 1988. So it means that their engine have a competitive advantage on their competitors.


As there were holidays in last week so it was difficult for me to discuss this assignment with my colleagues. So I have done this assignment in just 4 days after college was reopened. And also there are many other reset subjects due to which I have burden of doing work.

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