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This proposal will be discussing about the ideas that I have to think on how are we going to do and work on this conducting a systematical planning and this is a good and effective floor plan. In architecture and building engineering floor plan in a diagram that is usually to scale. My floor plan is about to connect 700 workstation in 1 server in every main room in different building in the school. In the building 1 on ground floor, there are 10 PC in College Registrar Office, 30 PC in the Guidance Office, 5 in the

School Supply Room, 2 in Principals Office. On 2nd floor into the 3rd floor, each college department faculty room which is Computer Department, Business Department, HARM Department, Nursing Department, Education Department, Tourism Department have 30 working station. In building 2 that have the faculties in High School which are the Filipino Faculty, English Faculty, Science Faculty, Physical Education Faculty, and the Values Faculty have 20 working stations per faculty and the Economics Faculty have 10 PC, 2 PC in Clinic, 2 PC in Boy Scout and Girl Scout Room, 6 PC in Security Room, 33 PC for Student Teachers Room, 10 PC for High School

Registrar, 10 PC in Science Laboratory and 20 in School Library. In Building 3 for the college students also have 4 Computer Laboratories rooms and each room have 50 PC in the 1st floor of the building and in Building 4 for the High School students have 2 Computer Laboratories and 30 PC for each room. 700 total of PC working station in all buildings in the school. The building working stations have only 1 Router and using Star Bus Teratology with the IP address of 161. 0. 0. 0 and connect to switch control and showing the relationships between the rooms and other physical features at a build tie of the structure.

I am planning to device 700 PC in every main rooms in the school for any designated working stations. In a 1 Router floor planning (A device that forwards data packets between our telecommunications network creating overlay networking), Using Switch (An electrical component that can break electrical circuit. Interrupting the current and diverting it from one conductor to another) HTTP wires (Cable that is the most common cable used in computer networking) Fiber opting wires and modem (Or modulator-demodulator a device that modulates an analog airier signal to create signal to decode the transmitted information).

Objectives : * Connect appropriate departments and users to the central server for the purposes * transfer of data * regularly scheduled and maintained backups * improving accuracy and consistency of hospital staff work.

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