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Nestle vision n mission

1. Group Membersi. Sami ur Rahman (Group leader) 52ii. Haider Khan 72iii. Rameez16iv. Kalsoom 42 2. Table of contents? Introduction? Company brands? Mission and vision statement? 4P’s? SWOT Analysis? Customer driven strategies? BCG Matrix? Conclusion and Recomondation 3. INTRODUCTION? Founded in 1867 in switzerland by Henri Nestle’s(pharmasist)? Developed a food for babies (save the child life’s)? In 1950 Nestle’s merged with Anglo-swiss condensedmilk company, which was opreating inUS, Bartain, Germany & Spain? Today, Nestle is the world leading Food Company?

Head quater in Switizerland, opreating companies inAmerica, Africa, Asia, Oceania? In 1988 Milkpak in Pakistan, merged with milk companyin shikarpura, in same year , lunched FROST juice? Switzerland. It is a foodprocessing company, registeredon the Karachi and Lahorestock exchanges.? One factory in Islamabad and 2in Karachi producebottled water. 4. COMPANY OFFERING? Milk products? Nestle Milkpak UHT Milk? Milk pak Butter? Milk pak cream? Milk desi Ghee? Foods products? Baby foods? Botteled water? Cereals? Ice cream? Drinks? Health care nutrition 5. Mission and Vision statementsMission?

Nestle mission is to provide the best food to peoplethroughout the world. Vision? “ At Nestle, we believe that research can help us tomake better food, so that people live a better life. ”? Meet the nutrition needs of consumers of all ages? Nestle pak ltd envision the company to develop anextreamly motivated and professionally trainedworkforce 6. Nestle’s 4P’sProduct? Product is something that is offered to the market.? Nestle safe, pure, refreshing and healthy water isthe product of Nestle.? recently it has offered a 0. 25 liter bottle of NPL inthe market?

Nestle people say: “ Quality is our more successfulproduct and it is key to our success today andtomorrow. ” 7. Place? Placement is the distribution of the product to itscustomers at right time, in right quantity, at rightprice and at right place. To ensure this, channeladopted by the Nestle for distribution of NPL is asfollows: according to distribution, pakistan is divided intothree geographical zones and then in furtherregional offices:? North zone: islamabad and northoutstations, peshawer, jehlam? Central zone: lahore, faisalabad, gujranwalw, multan, sahiwal?

South zone: karachi, hyderabad, quetta, sukker 8. Price? Non-price competition: In Price strategy, Nestle hasadopted the strategy of non-price competition? It is offering one price for NPL to all cities ofPakistan? It also keeps the check on distributors to maintainsingle price of NPL. It offers trade discounts to itsdistributors? Nestle profit earning is main objective, but theirprofit margin is low? Price= cost+profit? Geographical pricing strategy? Zone pricing 9. Promotion? Advertisement is a tool to introduce the product in themarket? estle pure life is concerned company use? Telivision, Radio, Newspaper, Bill board? To increase sales and gain profit the company has toprovide proper sulppy of product in the market? In stores and shops the pure life water is so placed thatit is visible for the customers? Personal selling: In june, july and August 1999 inlahore, A team of vendors, wearing T-shirts, caps andjackets with 0. 5 L? Public relations: organisation release annualreports, include financial statements aimed tostockholders, however public relation 10. (Cont) span class=’tab’> 11.

SWOT Analysisstrengths? Socially responsible company? NML’s products enjoy strong brand image and marketpull? Growing slaes and profits? Major shareholders in the food industry of pakistan? Aggressive marketing? Efficient distribution network throughout the contry? Quality products? Solid financial position? Strong supply chain network? Qualified work force? Commitment to high quality products? Focus on research and development 12. Weaknesses? Selective investment due to uncertaineconomic and political condition? Feasibility of new products needs to beanalysed e. Nestea was lunched someyears back but it failed because no customerdemand for it esxisted.? Lack of awarness among the target market.? Its dependency on others (govt & sponsors)for the arrangement of events. The trargetmarket of nestle is upper middle and highclass because lower middle and poor classcannot affort to buy UHT milk duce to itspremimun price. 13. Oppurtunities? Pakistan is the seventh largest producer ofmilk in the world with annual output of over22 billion liters.? The overall milk market in pakistan is 20billion liters, out of which processed milkbusiness contribute only 2% to this largemarket.?

Neastle milkpak has eexpanded its productrange by entring the cold dairy marketrecently by lunching Nestle plain youghurtand now fruit youghurt is also added it.? Credit policy can be adopted to increasesales. 14. Threats? Price fluctions due to rupee devaluation as rawmaterial are imported.? The uncertainity of economic conditions posses agreat threat as the major funds invested in the contrycome from outside pakitan.? The present economic crisis in the world, led to thewithdrawl of forigen management from the companyand the investment has come to a halt.?

Legal and ethical issues.? Market segment growth could attract new entrants. 15. (cont)? Economic slodown can reduce demand.? Inflation is getting higher and higher so thepurchasing power of the people isdecreasing day by day.? Olpers and Haleeb growing day by day 16. CUSTOMER DRIVENSTRATEGYThere is no age, sex, income and other kind ofli, itations on use of NPL howevere Nestle’scustomer driven stratigies are? Geographic segmentation? Region: middleeast, china, India, Canada, Mexico, W. Europe, NorthAmerica? Contry: Provinvial capital then? orth, west, east and south aeras? DEMOGRAPHICAL? Age Under: 6; 6-11; 12-19; 20, 34; 34-49; 49-64; Over 64? Family Size : 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7 and Over? Income Annual 17. (Cont)? Under 12, 000; 12, 000-20, 000; 20, 000-35, 000;? 60, 000-100, 000; 100, 000-400, 000; & over then400, 000? Occupation : Professional andTechnical, Managers, Officials and Proprietors,? Clerical staff, Crafts People, Foremen, Farmersand Students? Education: Uneducated, SchoolGoing, College Going, University Students? and Doctors.? Religion: Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic andothers 18.

Market targeting andpositioning? After segmentation Nestle’s decide to targetsome of the selected markets? Positioning: some competitive advantages arefollows? Nestle pure life is only pure water inmarket, their compititers are using mineralwater, have chemicals? Pure life use nestle brand name and logo ofnestle pure life, care to consumer, enough toattract the customer? Due to its brand name it is very easy tocomunicate. 19. BCG MatrixQUESTION MARKNestle NoodlesDOGsPharmaceuticalproducts, yoghurtSTARNestle pure waterCASH COWMilk pak/baby foods 20.

BCG in Graphs0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%stars(water)cash cow(lactogen)questionmarknoodels)dog (pharma)Market growthMarket share 21. Conclusion? Nestle is a market leader due to differentreasons.? Its price is high against its competitors but itmatches its quality with its competitors.? Nestle is using its brand name to promote itsproducts and it is very popular as compare to itscompetitors.? Its packiging is good.? We can easily find nestle from any retiler shop.? Due to advertisement, nestle attract morecustomers? It has always maintained the quality of itsproducts. 22. (Cont)?

Despite of all the facts, there need tomaintain the condition of office andenhance the security.? Behaviours of employees is notprofessional and every departmentshould treat equality. 23. Recomondations? They should increase their prduct quality asnow a days they are facing problem ofimpurity of their products. They have toimprove the markting strategies. So that theycan hold on markert and improve their sales.? Nestle must state in writing that it accept thatthe international code and the subsequentrevelent world health assembly resolution areminimum requirements for every contry.?

Nestle must state in writing that it will makerequired change to bring its baby foods. 24. (cont)? Marketing polices and practices into linewith national code and resolutions.? They should improve thier customerretention.? They should improve their customerservices.? They should try to exploit the loopholes oftheir competitors products.? Long term agreements to be signed withgovernamental departments. 25. Any Question 26. Thank youPrepared bySami ur rahmanMBA-2nd(Abdul wali khan university mardan)

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