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Nature of god

Nature of God God’s nature is difficult to fathom. Throughout the bible, God’s character is revealed to its readers. This essay will delve on God’s nature as observed in the book of Genesis. In particular, the character of God in the story of the creation, the fall of man and in the story of Noah, will be the main focus for deciphering God’s nature. In the story of creation, one can describe God’s nature as being all mighty and all powerful (The New American Bible, Genesis 1-2). Being the creator of the vast universe makes God project a dominant and authoritative character. But God is not an ordinary creator. He is an organized and a genius creator as shown by the methodical way by which God created the world. He knew the earth needed light but He also knew that there is a reason for darkness. God is a perceptive creator recognizing the fact that land should co-exist with water. He has everything planned out since the beginning. God is a sensitive God who is aware that the land and vegetation would be useless if there were no inhabitants to live on it; thus, He created animals on the land, water and sky. The human nature of God is also revealed in the creation. God, like man, needs rest and He did it on the seventh day when He saw that his creation was good. With the creation of Adam and Eve, another nature of God is revealed. One sees his loving nature, creating man in His own image and likeness. If God is not loving, He could have made man in another way other than His own image and likeness. God could have simply made the animals as the only inhabitants of the world, but He did not. God wanted humans to be part of His creation and enjoy it. One views God as a very rational, generous and unselfish God. Although God has authority over man, He chose to give man free will. God is not the dictatorial type of ruler. He wanted man to follow Him but He gave man freedom. God did not totally impose His authority over man because of His great love for man. The image of a forgiving God is depicted when Adam and Eve committed the first sin (Genesis 3). God could have killed Adam and Eve for disobeying Him but He did not. He could have totally banished men from earth because of what they did. But being the loving and forgiving God, He chose to let man live. Another nature of God revealed in this chapter is that of being a just God. He punished Adam and Eve because they deserved to be punished for not obeying Him. Even the serpent that tempted Eve was given a second chance because even to this day, snakes still exist. One cannot say that God is vengeful because despite the sin committed by Adam and Eve, He still blessed them with children and allowed them to multiply (Genesis 4). Eve bore two children, Cain and Abel (Genesis 4: 1-2). In this part of the Genesis, God again showed his merciful and just character. Although God punished Cain for murdering Abel, He also promised to protect him from people who intends to do him harm. God told Cain, “ If anyone kills Cain, Cain shall be avenged sevenfold” (Genesis 4: 15). In the story of Noah, God reveals his appreciative and grateful nature (Genesis 6). God saw how Noah has been a faithful servant to Him. He rewarded Noah by warning him about the huge flood that He will send on earth to wipe away the wicked men on earth. God saved Noah and his family because they have been good followers. God’s omnipotent nature is also revealed in the story of Noah. One sees God as someone who possesses unlimited power. No other person can possess such power to send forty days and forty nights of rain; yet after the great flood, He also has the power to let the sun come out again. One observes God’s omnipotent power over the good and the evil. He showed His power over Noah and his family, who represents the good and He also demonstrated His power over the evil men living on earth by washing them away from the world through the great flood. His omnipotence is clearly illustrated when He said, “ I have decided to put an end to all mortals on earth; the earth is full of lawlessness because of them. So I will destroy them and all life on earth” (Genesis 6: 13). Two other characteristics that God has revealed in the story of Noah is His being truthful and faithful to His promises. He was truthful when He warned Noah about the flood. He told Noah the truth about how disappointed He was with the wickedness of men (Genesis 6: 5-6). God’s faithfulness is depicted in His covenant with Noah. He fulfilled His promise that He will save Noah and his family and the animals that he will bring with him in the ark. Clearly, one can conclude that God is faithful to all those who are faithful to Him. In conclusion, one can say that God’s nature is revealed in various stories in the Genesis. In every narrative of the bible, God’s different qualities emerge. One gets to know more about God as one reads through His relationships with the different characters in the bible. Works Cited The New American Bible. Catholic Biblical Association of America, ed. New York: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1984. Print.

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