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The oil crises and the alternative energy political impact on the oil producing countries
Statement: The alternative energy sources are independent sources of energy, which can benefit not only to the developed countries, but especially to the region of developing countries, which are dependent on energy sources. Oil producing countries depend on oil returns and stable economic statuses. In accordance with these modern global tendencies, renewable energy technologies are of great international demand. A sustainable energy future is possible in case renewable technologies are implemented around the world. Moreover, oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires development of renewable energy techniques. The main emphasis should be made on informative strategies promoting alternative sources of energy, practical implementation of key solutions in this field.
Argument: What is the optimal decision made by the oil producing countries and what possible solutions can be made? What alternative solutions can be developed in line with the political and economic contexts of the countries considered? It is possible to claim that renewable sources of energy can be diversified and deploying renewable energy options can be justified around the world. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the world is subjected to a wide range of environmental factors, which ensure energy security and economic stability. It is not a kind of exaggeration if we suggest that currently the world is transitioning from a hydrocarbon-based economy to one based on sustainable forms of energy.
On the basis of the reliable empirical data it is identified that there are many issues to be discovered in the field of alternative energy sources.
Outline of thesis is as follows:
1)Problem identification due to a lacking of reliable resources in this field
2)Literature review
3)Methods and methodology
Problem identification due to a lacking of reliable resources in this field
There has been a limited interest in examining the perspective of renewable forms of energy in major oil-producing countries. The countries, which are heavily dependent on oil producing, should be the main focus for future secure of their energy and a potential economically successful future. A key role of renewable energies can be considered in terms of oil-dependent economies.
Literature review
The main attention of the modern researchers and scientists has been paid to the reduction of energy producing impact. Less attention has been paid to a healthier future of generations, which will have an opportunity to develop energy sources (Deal, 2010). It is an instructive case to consider different options in the field of renewable energy and take into account the principal oil superpower (Hurd, 2009; Rowland, Chambers, Holzer, Moore, 2009). A special attention should be paid to the nations, which are highly urbanized, but, at the same time, are dependent on development of reasonable sources of alternative energy producing. In spite of the fact that there have been numerous studies and researches in the field of renewable energy, the massive renewable energy resources have not been clearly identified yet (Alijani, Kwun, Omar & Kemah, 2011). Though a framework for further studies has been already outlined, exploration of energy perspectives is of crucial importance.
Methods and methodology
Qualitative methods should be used to outline a reliable framework of energy sources producing and development. Theoretical background is based on works ranging from 2009 to 2013. Books, journal articles, academic papers, conference proceedings and other types of reliable sources are considered.
It is possible to claim that potential results of the study would highlight possible ways to solve the problem of alternative energy sources and intensify better-performed actions made by oil-producing countries.
Recommendations and conclusions
Wide range of energy renewable scenarios is presented, energy perspectives are explored to advance debates in this field both in the political and academic levels.
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