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Myself college essay

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I guess.

.. Part 1 Kai: _________ could you pls stay aside? im sick to see your face. You: *burn* what?? oh~ do you think you’re great enough?? oh damn you Kai Kai: im not THINK im great , but i AM great.

You: Btch pls  i hate you Kai: i hate you more -,- Baekhyun: can both of you stop fighting!! im sick of it. Kai, pls treat my girl better pls *wink at you* Kai: oh please Baekkon Baekhyun: it baekhyun you pabo. You: stop it. You guys are like a little children!! You, Kim Jongin and Byun Baekhyun are classmates. Kim Jongin is your number one enemy and Baekhyun is his bestfriend. Baekhyun is in love with you, he already confess to you last year but you reject him but he said he will be your friend and you glad to hear that from him.

He is a good friend indeed. He always there for you everytime you sad and happy. Yes, Kai was there too, but he always make you angry but you dont have him actually because he make you life noisier(? ). Your friend Kim Sara(i created it xD) was in love with Kai, but dont want to confess to Kai.

You just dont get it how she can fall in love with him. That jerk and dorky Kai. But you’re happy for her as she is your bestfriend. –end of part 1— Never! I guess…

Part 2 Sara: ______~ah dont you think he is awesome You: who? Sara: Kai~ You: O_O hell no Sara: haha, you dont know him well enough ________-ah You: yes i dont, and i wont. Someone hugged you from behind. You turn your head and saw Baekhyun. Baekhyun: ______-ah~ let hangout today You: okie dokie Kai: im going to puke here Sara: its okay Kai~ you have me Kai: yeah right *rolling his eyes* Sara: omooo.. so cute You& Baek: yah~ whats wrong with you Kai: jeez.

. such a sweeeeet couple. You: what?? Kai: deaf ugly girl Baekhyun: yah!! i think you’re too much. You: yes im deaf..

. im ugly so what?? holding your tears* You cried and ran away from them. You dont know why but you’re hurt when he said that to you. Kai POV Did.. she just cried? am i too much?? all this long she’s never cried if im told her that! My am i feeling like this? Im just pity for her.

yes. ill never fall in love to her! Never! I guess….

You POV i hate him so much. ill never be his friend ever. I hate see him treat Sara so well. i hate him. –end of part 2– Never! I guess.

.. Part 3 Baekhyun: go and talk to her. NICELY pls.

Sara: ehh but…. Kai: okay ill go.

He search for you everywhere but he could not see you. Suddenly he remembered your favourite spot, rooftoop. He run there and saw you crying while hugging your kneel. Kai felt sorry as he never see this kind of side in you. you are usually happy and fun. He walk slowly toward you, not wanting you now he was there.

Kai: _______-ah… im sorry…

You: *shock* why are you here???? Kai: to say sorry to you. You: you? sorry? are you kidding me?? Kai: im serious, you pabo You: haha, what you will do for gain my sorry? Kai: anything you want. You: *you decide to tease him* i want…

.. *go near his face* i want..

.. you to dance xD Kai: *blush a little* yah!! kay i will. As he danced, you were amazed by his skill.

He is the best dancer in your school. But, Kai accidently tripped over his leg (LOL Kai) and you immidietly tried to catch him but…

your move was wrong and he fell onto your body and… his lips landed on yours.. accidently.

. “ what are you guys doing!! ” shout a girl. both of you release each other and saw Sara and Baekhyun was there. –end of part 3— Never! I guess…

Part 4 Kai and You was shocked and blush. Baekhyun and Sara walk toward you. Baekhyun look sad and Sara look mad.. very MAD..

Sara: _____!! i thought you’re my bestfriend!! You: no, its not like what you’re thinking! let me explain. Sara: You know that i love Kai!! Kai: you what? Sara: *pull Kai and kiss Him D___O* i love you. You and Baekhyun, even Kai was shock. After 5 second, she let him go. Sara: pls accept me as your girl to prove that you and ______ have nothing relationship. Kai: i have nothing to do with her.

Sara: then prove me, accept me. Kai: *look at you, and* okay, if that the way i can prove to you. You pulled Baekhyun away, leaving Kai and Sara. You dont know your tears are falling when Baekhyun wipe it for you. Baek: are you.

.. in love with Kai? You: no! im not!! Never..

. i guess.. Baek: can you.

.. give me one more chance? i still loving you although 1 year had passed. I cant forget you.

*hugg you* You: why are you so nice to me? but Baek… i dont have feelings to you.

. Baek: try. you can try. but pls.

.. give me chance to love you. ill take care of you.

You: *hugged him* i will try… Baek: *smile and caressed you back* I love You.

. *kiss your forehead* —————————- 1 month later. Sara was jealous to see Baekhyun treat ou with soo much love while Kai? nothing much but a friend. Sara actually hate you on the day you accidently kissed Kai lips.

She determind to take away Baekhyun for you, because she want you to feel what she felt. Baek: ________!! you should eat more.. i want my girlfriend to be healthy  You: nae Baekkie ah Kai POV look at they it disgusting to see them sweetly in front of me like that  But..

. it seem like ________ smile a lot these days… i bet she’s happy with Baekhyun. She is pretty when she’s smile actually.

Wait what? I accept Sara and its a disaster for me. I dont love her!! But i want to prove to she that me and _____ have nothing on relay. But..

im still thinking about my first kiss.. with her…

its kinda sweet! Omg.. ervert Kai  but why am i keep thinking about her..

jeez kai Sara POV why? why is Kai staring at ________???!!! why is he smiling sweetly like that while staring at her??? Damn _______. You got sweet boyfriend and now you are trying to take Kai from me?? Its not going to happen…. just wait and see.

. after this.. no more you sweety Baekhyun beside you *grin* –end of part 4— Never! I guess.

… Part 5. Sara: Kai~ help me with this math work! Kai: im sorry but i cant do math.

Sara: but …. Kai: Sara pls. im tired.

Sara: aish.. this guy. * peeking at you and baekhyun* Baekhyun: Yah!! its not like that!! You: im sorry.

.. m sucks at math . ______.

Baekhyun: and im here for you  chaa~ Sara POV Damn.. Baekhyun is quite hot i think..

. Kai.. i thought he is a gentle and hot guy but..

damn he’s nothing. I want a man like Baekhyun as my boyfriend.. maybe i want Baekhyun .

. hahahah.. Kai POV why are You smiling to Baekhyun? pabo you Kai. He is her boyfriend.

. and Sara is your Girlfriend. Jeez, she always force me, im soo tried with her. Baekhyun POV _______ smile a lot these days.. i happy to see that honey smile.

I love her till my last breath. Your POV im smiling…

but im hurt in the same time. see Sara hanging with Kai make me hurt. Why? im not fall in love with Kai, my enemy. Never.. right? ——————————- *recess time* Sara peeking in the class.

No one there. Bingo. She put something in ________ bottle. ‘ quickly die you B***h. She left the class with a big smile unknowing that a pair of eyes saw what she had done.

–end of part 5— Never! I guess… Part 6 Sara happily see you drinking your mineral water. Sara POV she drink it!!!! oh my gosh.

.. im gonna success i put a drop of poison in it..

no no… not a strong one  but this poison will damage the person inner organ slowly..

.. If _______ keep drink it everyday..

he will live in the hospital for such a long time and i? ill try to get close with Baekhyun  but.. i must break with Kai first..

. Sara: Kai.. i need to talk to you after school.

okay? Kai: yeah sure You: Kai, why you look so weak today? Baekhyun: are you okay? Kai: —————————- Sara: lets break up. Kai: what? Sara: lets break up. you had prove enough to me. Kai: okay then. —————————- Sara: i have break up with Kai. You: why? Sara: because i love someone else.

You: who? Sara: Baekhyun. —————————————- Your POV She… love Baekhyun? why? oesnt she know that Baekhyun is mine? Although you did not love him, but you care about him. Kai? after this 3 month you realised that you had fall to him.

But you know that he is not going to love you. What should i do? Boyfriend or bestfriend. Sara POV i’ve tell her. Yeah.

and she look so pity now.. haha. You know what _______? from the beginning we get to now each other, its all about you.

You always get the great thing while me? nothing. But this time.. i determind to take this happiness from you.

yes.. im still loving Kai but i want Baekhyun as my boyfriend. he’s perfect for ______ and i hate it.

just few more day… nd the’medicine’ will ‘ treat’ ________ .

.. hahaha… Kai POV i know about Sara plan.

I saw she drop something in _______ drink. So i decide to change my mineral water with _________. i drink it. Sara break up with me but im not sad at all.

because all i think is about _________. why? i’ve fallin for her. but i was never confess to her because Baekhyun are perfect for her and he is my bestfriend. I sacrified my love for him.

Baekhyun POV i think Kai is sick.. his face were pale, and he look weak too. why isnt he told me anything about his illness? why? i know, Kai in love with ________, i can read the his mind.

he way he stalk ______, are the same with me. but.. i dont think i can handle _______ for him. Im sorry Kai.

—-end of part 6—- Never! I guess….

Part 7 Sara: Baekkie ah! lets go for a movie this evening~ Baekhyun: okay, we can ask ______ to join us Sara: but… pls.

.. just two of us…

Baekhyun: aish… okay2. Sara: gomahwo.

.. *kiss his cheeks* Baekhyun POV what the hell is she doing? but its a friendly kiss.. i guess..

. Sara POV _______ say bye to your baekhyun OwO ———————————— that evening (the evening that Baej and Sara went out together) you walk alone and rest at the playground. As you were thinking about your problems, there’s a girl give you an ice-cream. girl: unnie~ oppa give you this! You: oppa? which oppa? girl: that handsome oppa! *point at the guy in red hoodie* You walk toward him and poke his shoulder and…

. O_O You: Kaiiii??? Kai: yes me, haha. You: but why are you here? Kai: why cant i? You: jeez… you’re still a jerk.

. never change huh? *eat your ice-cream* Kai: *laugh* You: what?? Kai: you eat like a child. mess! You: where!! *try to wipe it randomly* Kai: *grab your hand* here. * wipe it for you* You: *blush* thanks.

. Kai: you need to pay me You: how much? Kai: im not crazy for your money, you pabo You: then  what do you want? Kai: i want you to promise me, that you’ll never forget about me. You: what? Kai: i need to tell you this. I got a offer to go study at Seoul, and im going there tomorrow.. pls tell the class and our friends You: did baek know about this? Kai: nooo, you’ll tell him right? You: okay.

Then.. both of you stay silent… and suddenly you cry.

Kai: yah yah! why are you crying? You: could you pls dont go? Kai: why You: because i love you *cupped your mouth* Kai: O_O You: just forget it. *stand up and suddenly Kai pull you* Kai: i love you too. *kiss you* soo much.. kiss you again* but i cannot betray Baekhyun. im sorry.

*leave you* see you later. Your POV he love me? he kissed me O_O but…

he just leave me like that? he is going to Seoul and he keep it as a secret? Why? Kai POV I kissed her? She love me? Oh god.. why is this happen to me? my condition getting worst and i cannot let them now about this. Mind please, forget ________. —end of part 7— Never! I guess..

.. Part 8 Baekhyun POV why is Sara wearing like this? and why is she hugging my arm like we are a couple? Oh for god sake, i dont want _______ to know about this.. i love her and i dont want her to get hurt. Sara POV Baekhyun look uncomfortable with me.

haha, i dont care. —————————————— the next day. Baekhyun: where’s Kai? You: erm..

… *you tell him what happen yeasterday except ‘ that part’ Sara: what why? he didnt tell me anything? You: but..

teacher said… he will comeback after 2 years  no worries. Sara: but..

. Baekhyun: hurm.. maybe he has he’s one reason.. right? Sara POV what is this? Why is __________ is healthy?? or maybe.

.. Oh no!! that could not be happen! Did i put ‘ it’ wrongly? is that why Kai always weak and pale these days? i hope no, but what im gonna do..

. dont want to kill my man that i love. Baekhyun is not my love. .

. im just dislike he with ___________. i hope Kai is okay. ————————- 2 years pass already, you were break up with Baekhyun as he know that you love Kai and he felt sorry for forcing you to accept him. But you guys are still friend. You now, are sitting at the rooftoop of your school.

Rewind everything that happened last 2 years. ————————- *flashback* You: what the hell are you telling me Sara? Baekhyun: i dont believe you could do that to ________!! your bestfriend!! You: i’ll settle you later. Baekhyun come and go to Kai house. Its been a month after Kai left the school and Sara told you everything..

and about the possibility that Kai drink the poison drink. As you arrive at Kai house, you saw Kai mother was there. K/mom: are you _______? You: *shocked* how did aunty know me? K/mom: Jongin told me many things about you  he’s right.. you’re a pretty girl.

You: thanks ahjummanim! erm.. where’s Kai now? and Kai’s mother look sad after hear your question and she handed you a letter. K/mom: Jongin told me to pass this to you when he’s gone. You: He what?????? *start crying hardly* Baekhyun: Kai.

.. is gone?? sara who is just arrived there, crying too.. She killed Kai..

. She killed man that she love! You opened the letter with teary eyes and read it : ________-ah~ when you’re reading this, maybe i was not there anymore.. not in the world i mean. I just wanna say sorry to Baekhyun because loving you, His girl.

I know about Sara plan too, but.. i forgive her…

i dont want to be a ghost and chase after her when im dead. _______ i love you, so much. My last days was filled by our memories.. although we always fight haha but i love you still. remember you word. Dont forget me  Baekhyun, take care of _______ well. I trust you bro Sara!! be a good girl! i know you are. forgive you already.. dont worry. _______ love you, chuu~ kekeke~ love; Kim Kai ————————- You cried uncontrolly after reading that letter. Sara too. Even Baekhyun were sobbing. You go towards Sara and slap her. “ this is from me. i forgive you now”. ‘ kai… i love you too… ‘ you cried it in your hurting heart. *end of flashback* —————————————— You looked up at the sky. Humph~ Kai-ah!!! Be a good boy there!! Im here fine, and happy and still remember about you!!! You cry in your smile and said “ ill never forget my first love who is my enemy” –The End–

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