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My life has a purpose

(a short story) My Life has a Purpose One windy afternoon, swaying trees , leaves falling scattered on the road, two newly friends agreed to take a walk to relax. On their way they saw a grocery store and dropped by to buy some snacks. They have reached the park and found a comfortable place under a tree. “ What a tiring day! ” said Cecile , the older one as she lean on the tree. She is chubby with a long curly hair and has the asset of beautiful eyes. “ You’re right. Thank God we almost done half of the requirements. ” answered Baby . “ It’s relaxing here. She continued as she look around. “ A nice place to charge not just our tired bodies but also stressed minds. ” added Cecile as she starts to open a snack. Together they laugh. Baby heard her cellphone beep, someone send her a message. She check her bag looking for the cellphone, she saw her wallet, open it and saw the picture of her mother, brother, and father. While staring at the picture, she didn’t notice tears are falling from her eyes. When Cecile glance at her, she was worried. “ Baby why are you crying? What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well? Tell me. Asked Cecile in a worried voice. “ Don’t worry I’m okay. ” Replied Baby while wiping her tears. “ Cecile took her wallet and saw the reason why she cried,- theirfamilypicture. Cecile knew that Baby’s parents and only brother already passed away, but don’t have any idea what caused their death. “ Baby if you don’t mind, i want to know how did your parents died, as well as your brother. ” Cecile requested, as she look at her waiting for a positive response. Baby glance at her. “ Okay I’ll tell you, but bear with me, I’m emotional. ” She replied with a smiling teary eyes.

Though 14 years had passed, everything is still fresh in her mind. “ The weather was bad, heavy rains and strong wind, I was alone in the room in the school dormitory around seven o’clock in the evening I heard a strange sound that caught my attention. Suddenly the window opened because of the strong wind. When I was about to close the window, I saw a figure of a woman wearing a white dress seated on one branch of the star apple tree. I didn’t mind it, I closed the window and went back to bed as I waited for my room mate. ” She started. Cecile was just quiet listening. That was the night before the real thing happen. ” Baby paused for a while. “ what real thing? ” Cecile curiously asked. Baby continued as sadness reflected in her eyes. “ The next day, a news came that a child and mother were both drowned in the river. I was shocked when I learned that it was my mother and brother they were talking about. It seems that time, my world collapse. I cried and cried. Together with my classmates and teachers, we go through the bad weather and walked three kilometers to go home. When I got home, I saw my dad crying with wounded knees. “ Why, what happened to your dad?. Cecile interrupted. “ The three of them were together in that scene, my mother was the first one to fell in the river, my brother saw it then called the attention of our father. My dad upon seeing my mother was drowning, he jumped to save her. The water current was so strong, they couldn’t resist. When my brother saw our parents in that situation he eventually jump to save them but unfortunately, his head bumped on the rock that led to lost of consciousness. His body was carried by the strong current of the river.

On the other hand, my father failed to save my mom, he lost sight of her. It was a miracle that my father survived because the river is too wide and the current was too strong with the heavy rains, he bumped a stable big rock where he hung on so that he won’t be carried by the river flow, where he got the wounds on his knees. ” With a soft voice as she continue to relay what had happened that led to the death of both her mother and brother. “ oh! I’m sorry my friend, that was so difficult for you. ” Cecile holds her hand to show her sympathy. “ how about their bodies? a question pumped out from her mind as she recall that her father lost sight of her mother when he rescued her, and the part that her brother’s body went with the river flow. “ My brother’s corpse was found on the same day, and it took three weeks for the rescuers , with my dad and relatives, to find my mother’s corpse. ” She answered. Cecile became more curious. Many questions lingering in her mind. Baby tried to answer in detailed to satisfy her curiosity. Time was so fast, the sun already sets, the two friends pack up their things, pick up their trashes and place in the garbage can. It’s time to start a walk home.

They both lived in the same apartment. The breeze is getting colder. “ So the figure of a woman wearing a white dress you’ve seen the night before they were drowned, could that be a sign that something bad happened to your mom? ” asked Cecile while walking. “ hmmm. I don’t think so. I haven’t felt strange that time. ” She replied. When they got home Baby put her things in her room and went to the kitchen to make coffee for the both of them. On the other hand, Cecile entered her room to get a sweater After a few minutes, Baby returned to the living room holding two cups of hot coffee to warm themselves.

While sipping, Cecile remember to asked about her father. “ Baby how about your father? ” Cecile asked. “ He passed away just last year due to complication. ” She answered. Since the death of her brother and mother, her father kept on drinking liquor, though she tried to stopped him. His father had a prostate cancer, liver problem, a heart problem that led to his death. At the age of 17, she lost her mother and brother. There was a point in her life that she asked God why them, there are lot of bad people who deserve to die to stop them from their wickedness.

After 14 years, his father followed. “ My friend you are a strong woman, you’ve overcome that challenge in your life. I salute you. ” Cecile uttered in serious voice. “ It was not that easy, but with the help of God I did it. Life must go on. Everything happens for a reason. I know God has a great plan for my life, and the things I’ve been through is just a part of the preparation of molding me to be worthy of the plan He has for me. “ Baby replied. Cecile nodded as she agreed to what she said. They went to the kitchen to have their dinner, and there they continued their conversation. A year from now you’ll be graduating as ateacherand I know you’ll be an inspiration to your future students as you have inspired me now. ” Cecile’s words of encouragement. “ To God be the glory. Thank you my friend. Actually I don’t really expect that I could go back to school to pursue my studies. Aside from that, i didn’t dream of becoming a teacher. But here I am because of the goodness of the Lord , He will use me in this field. You too, you’ll be a successful businesswoman someday. ” She responded. “ God’s will. Said Cecile as she refill her plate with rice. “ Should I call you ma’am Baby Girl or ma’am Ritchie? Ha ha. ” “ Of course I preferred the latter one, I’m already a big girl! ” Their laughters echoed in every corner of the room. Her real name is Ritchie Biasura, calling her baby girl started when she got a copy of her birth certificate from the NSO, where Baby Girl Biasura was the written name. Her updated records was not yet forwarded from the local civil registrar to the NSO main office. She was advised to check her records and fix whatever problems beforegraduation.

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