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My future in safety management

Due My Future in Safety Management I have chosen to focus my career within the field of safety management. There is such an enormous potential of possibilities as to where my career could extend. In fact, management skills within the safety fields allows for hundreds different opportunities for my future. There is a demand for safety specialists with the understanding of management issues; this will only increase my marketability within the career field I have chosen.(” American Society of Safety Engineers”) I think having the chance to supervise and oversee safety programs and make a difference in my field is inspiring. There are so many industries where the skills I possess, and continue to develop, might be welcomed into. From healthcare to engineering and mining to manufacturing, the possibilities are extreme. I do not think I have made a final decision as to which industry I will enter as yet. However, the income potential for such positions is very encouraging as well. The yearly earnings can range from $30, 000 to $150, 000 depending on the demand. This financial security with potential for growth is, also, a fantastic incentive within all the industries, as well.(” Council on Practices and Standards”)
I found the PowerPoint presentation pertaining to goal setting to be very encouraging. The importance of setting short term goals that are realistic enough to achieve, so you will not be disappointed in yourself and become disenchanted with ones career pursuits. I think that reminding goals setters, not only, to provide a goal, but be certain that goal has a deadline. If there is no deadline then there is no consequence for not staying on course with your goal’s proper completion. Lastly, the statement that caught my attention, primarily, for its brazen common sense; “ People plan their vacation more than they plan their life. If you don’t, someone else will.”(Hansen) That is very true. You may not always be your own boss, but you are still the manager of your own life.
It is true that people who have the passion and purpose in their careers are truly the most fulfilled by their work. We have all heard people say that doing something you love is not really work at all. People with passion understand exactly what that means. Presently, I have passion in achieving my degree and being ready to face the job market once I have graduated. I am very certain that my eagerness and hard work will result in a real passion for my future career, once I have found my niche and know where I belong professionally.
Success is one of those tricky words that can mean entirely different things depending on the person. Success is not about money or attention. Success is not about having your name in lights, at least not for everyone. Success is making a difference. Success is knowing that your lifetime of hard work and energy was relevant, useful, and necessary. It is about knowing that your contribution effected change even if you do not necessarily receive appreciation for it. Success is making yourself proud in whatever it is that you do. On the day that I retire I would like to be able to walk-away knowing I did my best, my presence mattered, and I have no regrets.
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