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Nursing: My Experience

Practice experience is essential for nurses, because it exposes them to real life nursing scenarios and enhances practical learning (Hassmiller, 2010). Practice experiences give the nurse an opportunity to interact with experienced nurses and other medical personnel in preparation for actual practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2010). In this paper, I discuss my practice experience working at a telemetry unit. To this end, I explain the rationale behind my choice of the location, as well as my professional goals.

Practice Experience Location

In undertaking my practice experience, I chose the telemetry unit, where I worked in the capacity of an assistant director. The main reason why I chose the aforementioned facility is to gain experience as a manager in a healthcare center. A telemetry facility is concerned with using an electrocardiogram or any such device to monitor a patient’s heart’s electrical activity (Discover Nursing, 2014). According to Drugs (2013) and Discover Nursing (2013), a telemetry nurse provides medical care to patients suffering from diabetes, heart failure, gastrointestinal ailments besides other acute diseases. Working in the telemetry unit enabled me to gain nursing care and leadership experience. In line with the RN-BSN program objectives, I developed three main goals that are essential in my career as a nurse: lifelong learning, commitment to high nursing standards and competency, as discussed below.

Lifelong Learning

Commitment to High Practice Standards
Commitment to the highest nursing standards is in the interest of my patient’s welfare. Schiemann and Moers (2007, p. 175) underscore the importance of embracing high standards in nursing including hygiene, adherence to patient and caregiver’s safety requirements and other standards that relate to acceptable practices. Moreover, I will strive to adopt the highest standards in relating with my patients, including cultivation of fruitful and friendly nurse-patient relationships with integrity (Gorski and Lisa, 2009). This will enable me to not only grow in my profession, but also enhance my relationship with fellow healthcare personnel and the clients. Effectively and as Rosenthall (2007) notes, adopting high standards of nursing care will help me to avoid unwanted outcomes such as healthcare malpractices and unfriendly relationships with other stakeholders in the healthcare process.


Effective nursing is based on a nurse’s competence and qualifications (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2010; Hassmiller, 2010). In my profession, I intend to invest in developing my personal and professional competence. To this end, I will adopt a professional culture of using evidence-based practices and adhering to acceptable nursing conventions. According to Hassmiller (2010), nurses play an essential role in carrying out nursing innovations, engaging in nursing research and implementing proposed nursing models. High levels of competencies are essential if nurses will do this successfully. Nursing competencies are also necessary in the use of current and emerging technological developments aimed at bolstering health outcome for clients, and improving healthcare systems (Hassmiller, 2010). Moreover, Hassmiller (2010) notes that nurse leadership is important in healthcare provision and a nurse may not effectively play their leadership roles unless they possess the necessary managerial skills and competencies. This informs my goal to pursue competency at all times, regardless of the setting.
A competent nurse knows what they are doing and has the know-how to disseminate top quality healthcare, avoiding medication errors and taking responsibility for their patient’s health (Schiemann et al., 2007). A proficient nurse also does not make conjectures and seeks clarifications from colleagues and/or supervisors where confusion abounds. Nursing competency, which, as already mentioned is an important professional goal in my career, is essential in making independent, suitable healthcare decision that are meant for specific patients (Gorski et al., 2009, pp. 311-312). In my practice, I purpose to collaborate with other medical personnel in making appropriate decisions based on research evidence, critical thinking, best practices, judgment and critical reasoning (Hassmiller, 2010).


All in all, my experience during my placement at the telemetry unit was quite useful to my profession. It afforded me an opportunity to experience nursing as a leader, as well as enabled me to acquire hands-on learning that will be priceless Accordingly, I purpose to work towards nursing competency, embrace the highest nursing standards and seek and leverage continuing education opportunities as a lifelong learning experience.


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