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Mirror neurons and empathy

Mirror Neurons and Empathy

 One went to a McDonald’s store near a school at around five in the afternoon. One decided to sit at the back of a couple, a boy and a girl. The boy seems to be courting the girl. They were college students who one thinks just came from school and were on a date. One decided to observe this couple because they were oblivious to the crowd inside the restaurant. One thought it would be interesting to mimic how the girl was reacting towards the actuations of the boy.
One observed the girl seems so conscious while the boy was looking at her directly in the eye. Her head was usually bowed down towards her food. She would often touch her hair and put it at the back of her ear. She would reply at the questions posed to her by the boy. While the boy was telling stories, she was all smiles and would sometimes burst into laughter. This exchange of conversation lasted for about an hour before they left the restaurant.
When one tried to put oneself into the girl’s shoes, one felt self-conscious of how one looked. There were some instances when one felt as if one was the one being courted by the boy. One felt one’s heart beating faster. The feeling of excitement was present. One was also enjoying the moment.
With regards to the girl whom one was imitating, one thinks that she feels happy in the company of the boy. Most likely, based on her actions and facial expressions, she will say “ yes” to the boy. Looking at her eyes, one can see a sparkle when she looks at the boy. There was a certain glow in her face which one would construe to mean that she likes the boy. One thinks that she is a bit nervous too because it might be obvious to the boy that she likes him very much. However, one thinks that part of her would like the boy to know that fact so as to encourage him.
One’s mirror neurons tell one that the intention of the girl is to impress the boy. She intends to send the message that she is interested in the boy too. She feels happy being with him. She likes the idea of being admired.
One can conclude that when one imitates a person’s actions, one also generates the same feelings of the person being observed. One will then understand the person’s motivations and intentions.

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