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Mgmt 4200

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1) All good business leaders must possess certain critical qualities that may make or break a business. The basic aspect of leadership is about managing resources and people effectively. This is really important that without proper people’s management no business can thrive or do well. Similarly, HR people should know about hiring and managing the people well. This subject is important for both the leaders and HR experts in order to train them the ways in which they can develop in themselves certain basic managerial qualities helping them to thrive and do well in the field of management. A good business leader and HR professionals understand the scope of management in day-to-day dimensions of controlling the business. Therefore, it is very important for leaders and HR people to learn and equip themselves with proper management tools helping them to succeed in the workplace environment.
Talent management is about hiring and retaining the right talent. The word “ right talent” signifies the mix of people that are compatible to the organizational future and current goals. It is very difficult for firms to achieve its goals without proper talent management system. Good talent management also helps the organization to anticipate the changes in the business environment and to foresee any volatility and uncertainty. However, this can sometimes backfire also as it requires costs to be incurred and if the talent management does reap any benefits, the firm loses out on money and time.

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