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Mexican american war argument

This time the year was 1845, a ND the vast majority of Texans would agree to join the Union. After nearly a decade operating as an independent nation that was recognize d by foreign powers such as the US, Britain, and France, Texas was now free to join the Union as it had originally intended to in 1836. However, despite having been recognized as a sovereign nation for nearly a decade, the Mexican government t would not agree with the Texan intent of joining the Union.

As far as the Mexican go Vermont was concerned, Texas was still a territory of Mexico, and would remain such.

This is spite the fact that the Lone Star Republic clearly claimed independence nee rely a decade earlier. And the Mexican troops made their desire to keep Texas quit e evident. In all honesty, the United States was ultimately justified in declaring war on Mexico. This is because of the unnecessary actions that were taken against IS S troops on the ROI Grandee border.

The fact is that a Mexican military force ambushed a small group of American soldiers; killing sixteen, and capturing the remainder. Lath cough it is arguable that the American soldiers had provoked further tension on the ROI Grandee border between Texas and Mexico, they did not warrant an ambush on their t roofs and base.

The American troops were sent to the border not as an invasion force, but rather as reinforcements for the fortifications of a highly disputed American border.

The very river at which previous negotiations had taken place for quite some time. Adams 2 Following the ambush, the Americans repelled a seize on a base, and the US government would declare a justified war. Although the intentions of the US may not have been completely just in the fact that President Pierce saw an opportunity expand after the war, that does not diminish the fact that a small group Of sol driers were overwhelmed by a much larger Mexican force.

Much like how the US posts try oops to show force at the DMZ in Korea in order to deter North Korea from attacking sovereign South Korea, the US was posting troops to show force and defend the ROI Grab need border. Also, simply seeing opportunity in an inevitably devastating situation n did not make the IIS an aggressor. It must also be noted that although.

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