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Course Project Milestone 2 Interview Guide and Questions Form This is a form to record your information for this assignment. Review the Course Project Milestone 2: Interviewee Guide and Questions guidelines and grading rubric in Doc Sharing (Assignments) prior to completing this form. Review the document in Doc Sharing entitled, INNER Question Tips. Refer to Appendix A in your text and select five categories upon which you will concentrate for your interview guide and questions. Type your answers to the following questions using complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and syntax.

Note that the form is expandable. Indeed, you may need more pages to include the information that is requested in the guidelines for this assignment. Once you have filled in the form, click Save as and save the file with your last name and assignment, for example, “ INNER _Milestones_Form_Smith”. Submit to the Milestone 2 basket in the Dropped by 11: 59 p. M. MET Sunday at the end of Week 4. Title: Milestone 2 Your Name: Samaritan Manson 1 . Note the proposed date of the interview. Describe the location of the interview and how privacy will be maintained.

Be specific. (20 points) The interview will be conducted Saturday August 9, 2014. The interview will take place in the conference room on the fourth floor at Holy Cross Hospital. Privacy is maintained in the conference room by a lock door, it is available for private meetings on the weekends, and by it closed off/segregated location on the fourth floor. 2. Describe the method you have chosen for your process recording and your plans for making it. For example, if you choose to submit a video file, how will you record and produce this?

How will you upload it and send it to your instructor? (14 points) The method I have chosen for the process recording will be written. There will be a series of questions or the interviewee to answer and the written responses will be sent to the instructor. Possibly some photographs of the person getting interviewed will be added to the written process. 3. Identify five categories from Appendix A in your text from which you would like to develop primary (and follow-up) questions for your interview. The categories from which you may choose are listed below.

Baccalaureate Variations and Cultural Aspects of the Incidence of Disease Communication Cultural Affiliations Cultural Sanctions & Restrictions Developmental Considerations Economics Educational Background Health-Related beliefs and Practices Kinship and Social Networks Nutrition Religion and Spirituality Values Orientation Type the names of the five categories you have chosen in the table below in the column marked “ Categories. ” 4. Develop one primary question for each of the five categories. Please note that the questions should be in your own words and designed to elicit meaningful responses, for example, open-ended or focused format.

Use the table to type each question next to its corresponding category. (60 points) 5. Develop two follow-up questions for each primary question. Type these next to the corresponding primary questions. (40 points) 6. Indicate reasons for asking specific questions that relate to culture of origin and healthcare experiences. (50 points) Categories Primary Question Related to Category Follow-up Questions for each primary question Reasons for asking questions that are related to culture of origin Category 1 : Help me better understand your culture by explaining the different health care restrictions? . What would you want us to know about your spiritual needs and resources? Cultural sanctions and restrictions can affect a patient, family, and care team in the course of a hospitalizing. These restrictions can prevent a patient from going to urge, getting a blood transfusion, or even prevent a patient from taking a certain medication. . 2. Please tell me more about the type of cultural sanctions you are involved in and how we can incorporate that into your care? Category 2: What age do educators start focusing on teaching health? . If diagnosed with a problem what forms of teaching are available? Health education builds knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health. Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates people to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Knowing a person’s resources allows educators to provide specific material or extra depending on what is available. 2. Please describe more fully to me what learning resources are available?

Category 3: Help me better understand what types of social networks are available and what types of social life/hobbies you have? 1 . What type of advertisement do medical facilities use to educate patients? Social media has become a part of health care by innovative startups, patient communities and medical centers. There has been a revolution in health care: tools from vertical search and social networks to health content aggressors and wellness tools. Patients have been active on social media to find health information, find support through discussion groups and forums, and chronicle their illness Journeys.

They are also interested in using social media to facilitate communication between themselves and their providers. Hospitals are moving from experimentation to strategic use of social media to enhance brand loyalty and recruit new patients. Medical centers use social media as a teaching tool and to promote primary care. 2. What is the main form of communication between patients and physicians. Category 4: What are the major food groups consumed in your everyday diet? . Help me understand the food restrictions in your culture?

Health care professionals must learn to respect and appreciate the variety of cultural traditions related to food and the wide variation of food practices within different cultures. Nutrition plays a big role in primary care. Health professionals need to respect but also need to educate patients with certain problems on how to modify their diets. 2. It might be helpful for me to know what we can and cannot modify in your diet? Category 5: Health Related Beliefs Help me better understand your view on health and what types of care you received in the past? 1 .

What types of treatment do you seek; alternative medicine or western medicine? Health care beliefs can stem from religion or different traditions which tend to be complex and it is impossible to predict how any one patient or family member may understand or apply them in the context of health care. Therefore, providers should encourage patients and family members to interpret how religious/cultural values may be pertinent to a hospital stay regarding personal needs, interaction with staff, and decisions about treatment 2. What are the specific concerns you would like health care workers to avoid while you are in the hospital.

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