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Marcus brutus and julius caesar

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Marcus Julius Brutus often referred to as Brutus, was a politician of the late Roman Republic. Brutus is portrayed, as a young man who is torn between his love and loyalty and in what he believes is right. The real Brutus was one of the well-known Julius Caesar’s killer, and among the key personalities in the civil wars that followed the assassination. The tragedy of Julius Ceaser is a simple statement that sums up the development of Brutus. Brutus was thought to be a no threat ingenious right-handed man because of his loyalty and nobility. However, these precise characteristics make the story more catastrophic.

The underlying foundation of Brutus is an honor and can openly be seen when the dramatic speeches are done. He makes his honor so apparent in his oration during the funeral speeches of Ceaser his father. At this point, he proves to the people of Rome the extent of his love to them. This is seen when he asks whether in that funeral gathering there was anyone so rude not to be called a roman. However, his attention was torn between his duty to love the Romans and his friendship with Ceaser. Nevertheless, at the end he manages to justify his actions to conform to both wings of his conflict. In addition, he attempts to proof the degree of his nobility to virtually everybody. The speech makes it clear to all that and also as a result to others praise of how he strongly support his character.

His honor is always untiring and never fails to prevail no matter the situation. He considers his honor in ll aspects of his life, and it most often rule over his own consensus. With this regard, many people were aware of his honor even his obvious enemies. His honor is so visible and strong that even his own enemies like Anthony of Phillip have witnessed. It was in Anthony’s knowledge that Brutus can only do such an act with true justification, although the other conspirators would not withstand the status created by Brutus.

Brutus knows the value of his country and himself more than anything else does. He is unmistakably remarkable for the patriotism of his own country. He illustrates his level of patriotism for the country by comparing it to death. This means he is ready to defend his country at all cost, and would be than willing give off his life to defend Rome. His patriotism covers every facet of society; he discusses the assassination of Caesar with his fellow conspirators, where he claims that death is a benefit and that the people should rejoice because liberty, peace and freedom will now be. He allows Rome to be a pertinent part of his life and that his success dependent on the success of Rome. He is so open of his feelings that, proclaims to people all his intentions in order to share his patriotism with other Romans. He also sought their opinion in the best way to drive the Roman Empire forward in terms of expansion. To him, the interests of the nation are more important than that of an individual person, and he urges people to practice the same loyalty in his speech.

His nobility and patriotism are the major characteristics that overly shape hiis naive and idealistic nature. He often had a stubborn attitude especially when others try to divert his attention from what he thinks. At one instance, Cassius, tried to notify him how rightful it was to have Anthony die with Ceaser, but he could not hold it. In this illustration, we come to know how misinformed his decisions are that he can dare ignore a valid request from Cassius. He naively thinks that Cassius is wrong because he has a remarkably accurate argument that ought not to shun down. This naivety fashions an unsuccessful stubbornness that makes him unable to recognize others point of view and has an abnormal optimistic view of his own acts.

Brutus presents an idealistic approach to the world particularly when dealing with people. He comprises of an exaggerated idealistic attitude. This is seen when he aims to befriend Anthony. This optimism is the tragic flaw that plunders his proper judgments. He assumes his strength and honor can be manifested in others that make him have a false trust on others.

Many of the Julius Ceaser tragedies have countless characters to compose an archetypal terrible hero. Brutus has made a number of interconnections that can make him one, although these traits are the ones that result to his ultimate downfall. His high moral code and dedication to Rome produces his many faults and diverges his judgment. In conclusion, some positive attributes combine to form the demeaning traits to his identity. Brutus characters can be well categorized with honor, patriotism, and his idealistic naive disposition.

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