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Throughout the many years of living people grow in different stages. Not only do their bodies develop differently, but the brain and self-consciousness do as well. Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example to show how heredity and the environment can have such a big impact on one’s life.

There are different levels of psychological development that Lindsay went through. Some may think she is an out of control teen, now an adult, but there is more behind her actions. Being so famous at such a young age can have a big impact on one’s life , especially Lohans. Family issues affected her in many ways. Such as her father’s substance abuse and him always in and out of jail. Lindsay needed a great support system for all the rumors she was hearing about herself.

Psychologists have many theories that prove reasoning’s to certain behavior and the patterns one’s lifestyle contains. Lindsay Lohan was considered a commercial child or also known as a young star. She was on ads for toys R us and on plenty other commercials for different companies commercials starting at the age 3. Being such a young start her parents encouraged her to continue to do so well. As Lindsay got older she was in more movies such as “ The Parent Trap” on the Disney channel which scored big bucks in the industry that made Lindsay one famous child.

Industry vs. Inferiority is usually during the ages of 5-11, in this psychological stage the child through social interactions; children begin to develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments and abilities (Cherry, 2000). After making the big hit in the Disney movie Lindsay knew she was becoming a famous young star and she took very much pride in that. Her mother was always by her side when her father was in and out of jail.

This unstableness of her father’s support caused Lindsay to act out as she got older in the psychological stage Identity vs. Confusion. Lindsay did not know who she really was to some she was a star and to some she was just an ordinary child; she did not know her own identity. Lindsay’s mother drank a lot, it became a problem, and in Lindsay’s teen years because of her reputation and her fame she was underage drinking and sneaking into all night clubs in New York. There was no punishment for her actions until she crashed when she was under the influence and in possession of cocaine.

The environment Lindsay put herself in was part of the cause of her horrible decisions and also her actions. She played the role as a famous actress and followed what they were into such as going to the clubs and big partys without taking into consideration the age difference. The heredity and environment were an impact of the actions Lindsay made in her teen years of life. Being a star is not an easy job especially for someone at such a young age. One has to deal with all the rumors all the attention absolutely no privacy and last but not least family issues. As Lindsay Lohan grew up in commercials, on ads, stared in movies her family was always there to support her through it all.

Her mother was a little strict and forced Lindsay to do a lot of things such as prepare for the next movie. At a young age this stressed Lindsay out and her mother and father argued more and more until finally it reached an end and they decided to split up. Being so young the split cause Lindsay to cause havoc and rebel. After starring in the hit movie “ Mean Girls” Lindsay did a 360. Not only did her fame grow higher but so did her confidence level as well.

Her father was arrested and went to jail multiple times in Lindsay’s career so she acted out by doing more drugs and drinking a lot more. Because of Lindsay’s outrageous actions reporters and friends started talking negatively about her. Hearing rumors and seeing disturbing pictures of her Lindsay thought she no longer had support from the ones she needed it most from. Without a fan base and support system she felt lost and it really showed by her repeatedly arrest. Her family was split apart and everything she did was the topic of discussion.

Her problems grew since she got no positive feedback from anyone. Her dad earned Lindsay’s relationship back but that only caused more family problems with her mother. Introversion involves directing attention on inner experiences, while extraversion relates to focusing attention outward on other people and the environment (cherry, 2013) Lindsay Lohan is more extraversion because she is more outgoing and not a shy person, she was a social butterfly. But as she grew older in her teen years she became more Psychoticism which is when Individuals who are high on this trait tend to have difficulty dealing with reality and may be antisocial, hostile, non-empathetic and manipulative(Cherry, 2013). Lindsay became a very hostile person with a very negative attitude and appearance after her downfall.

Her career was close to an end when she continuously got arrested for narcotics and alcohol. She couldn’t keep focus on her career and the movies she was suppose to star in. she got into a daily routine of just partying. Lindsays personality became neuroticism, she was sad, moody, instable, and she got anxiety.

Fame had on huge impact on poor Lindsays life and it took a negative turn on her. There is more to a person than you know. Some people develop and go through different stages at different times in their lives and some have a different reaction than others. Everyone is different and everyone has their own story as to why they are the way they are. Some are so quick to judge by ones cover but if some took the time to understand their opinion would most likely change.

Being a young star took a toll on Lindsay career as she got older but its still only the beginning and with support she might be able to turn it back around.

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