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Legalization of medical marijuana


For a very long time much debate has gone on on the legalisation of Marijuana. In this research paper I would love to share on the advantages Marijuana, if used in the right way, has on the human body and why it should be made a legal substance in our country of Kenya. Whether the argument have been challenged from an economic, political, or medical perspective; it all comes down to whether the Federal Government of this country should be the dictators or we should be responsible for our actions.


Most people I get to meet these days have been involved in the smoking of weed at a certain point of their lives, for most people I got meet it came from the newly attained freedom when joining university and socializing with other people of similar age. Although most people choose to take it occasionally, some turn it into a drug of choice, sometimes using it for recreational purposes. Weed is smoked inside cars, or on the verandas of residential homes, or just any place that is far away from the prying and thirsty eye of the government and legal enforcement. This is due to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act of 1994, which classifies the possession, sale, growing and distribution of marijuana illegal. But how about we take a step back and get to see why a substance with so many benefits has been made illegal and demonised in our society.

Problems you can encounter with the research

1) Many people might not want to speak freely about their marijuana usage or even give an opinion on the ‘ drug’

2) Since its an illegal substance, multiple permits would have to be issued if I was to ever experiment with the drug or with other people to test its effects and cause of addiction and even the drug itself.

3) Getting access to the drug lords to question would be a hustle because they are hard to locate and even if I did locate them they might be scared to share their knowledge on Marijuana

4) Information gotten from the government officials might be bias so as to stay on the safe side of not supporting the legalisation but the government and its laws


The books;

1. Marijuana Medical Handbook: A guide to therapeutic use (Gieringer, Rosenthal, & Mikuriya, 1997).

This is a book that practically guides you on how marijuana can be used medically and other alternatives other than smoking it. The book has been designed to inform people who have little or no experience with marijuana and want in-depth and informative account of its medical advantages.

2. The Benefits of Marijuana: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual (Bello, 2007).

A sense of a holistic understanding of the spiritual, physical and psychological benefits of the drug, the book also brings together the understandings of ancient wisdom and modern science. The author shows marijuana’s unique value for health and consciousness. According to High Times: “ If you would like to be one of those people who seem to know everything important there is to know about marijuana, this is the book you out to read. Bello presents it all with balance, lucidity and a sort of calm spirituality that you rarely encounter. It’s the sort of book you can dip into at random, absorbing non-consecutive sections at your leisure.” (Dean Latimer, Sr. Editor)

3. Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence (Earleywine, 2002)

The book clearly examines the societal, biological and psychological impact it has on someone. The books aims to answer questions like, What side effects does it have?… Are marijuana smokers more likely than non-users to abuse harder drugs?.. What effect has the drug have after its potency has increased over the years?.. Does the current legal policy toward marijuana make sense?

The Internet sources;

1. What marijuana legalization could look like in Kenya (Mwangi, 2017).

This internet source puts you in the driver’s seat on how Kenya as a country and as a people would change if Marijuana was made legal by our government.

2. Big Debate as Kenya mulls legalising bhang use (Merad, 2017).

This internet source dives in and tells the story of what Kenyan scientists have come up with concerning the drug and also talks about the farmers growing it and how they benefit from it even though it’s an illegal business and how crime manifest its self-due to the expanding business.

3. Marijuana Should Be Legalized (Crocker, 2016)

The Journal;

Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth

The journal provides historical and comparisons of various approaches to the legal status of marijuana to aid in forming public policy. Gives information on the impact decriminalisation and legalisation would have on the youth. Additionally it covers the medical use of marijuana.

The documentary;

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain (YouTube) (Feed, 2017)

This documentary is on a girl that seriously suffers from chronic pains and how Marijuana helped her and other people with similar and other cases. It brings a sense of how the drug can be used to either heal or relieve people from their illnesses.


Ethnography- This is when you immerse yourself into the sample or population so as to get information straight from them in their own confortable environment.

Case study- this is when you need to describe (in-depth) the experiences of a family, person, community, group or institution.

Descriptive- This is when you observe and describe so as to find out the ‘’what, what, why, where and who’’ in your research.

Longitudinal design- research is carried out by going back to the same person (sample) over time and makes repeated observations as time passes.

Historical design- a design that seeks to describe and examine events that happened in the past and try to understand the present and maybe predict potential future outcomes.

Mixed method- Various research designs shall be used at different points of the research that contain both qualitative and quantitative data.


In the case of Ethnography I would have to put myself in the shoes of the people that sell marijuana and use a descriptive design so as to observe and get to know why they sell them and who is it they are selling these things to and what would change if the drug was made legal and use an unstructured interview to gather my information.

A case study would be helpful for I would get to sit with a heavy marijuana smoker and try to get in his shoes and find out what causes the large intake and if it affects him negatively or in a positive way.

Another case study would be used on an individual that uses Marijuana only for medical purposes and I would want to know how effective the drug is and if it should be recommended to people, on other lab made medication, with similar illnesses.

A longitudinal design shall be needed so as to find out the long term effects of Marijuana even when used medically and how it gradually affects a person.

With a literature review one can go back in history and see what people know back in the days and what has changed or has been found to be fact today.

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