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Legal education

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Personal Statement
Hailing from a background, where religious strictures wield supremacy over the principles of natural justice, I have cherished an ambition of pursuing law as a career option, right from my teenage years. I have often come across the barbarian punishment system in my country, with the accursed never being extended any assistance or opportunity for proving his innocence. Thus, driven by a deep rooted yearning to make a difference within my society, after completing my higher secondary education, I have decided to take up a degree program law.
Therefore, I have joined for a bachelor’s degree in law at Abdul Aziz University in Jaddah, Saudi Arabia. With my dedication to the subject and commitment on gaining in depth knowledge in the field, I have worked hard during my college years, reading a lot of books on various laws, apart from those in the syllabus and interacting actively with my faculties. I passed out, with flying colors, from the university in 2012 as a result of my sustained hard work and dedication.
I intend to join for a master’s degree in law, to further expand my knowledge base in the subject. Law is comparatively a new discipline in the university and an emerging interest is being shown in this field recently. In the post globalization era, with it advancements in various fields, age old concepts are becoming obsolete and there is a rising awareness of human rights as well as the rights for a fair trial and defense are becoming highly significant in nations across the world, including Saudi Arabia. Hence I expect that at this juncture, if I pursue my higher studies in law, I will not only be able to attain a good job but also will be able to contribute greatly to my nation and my people.
I understand that imparting justice to everybody irrespective of race, religion, gender and nationality is a noble duty. Every human deserves to receive justice and I will make sure that I can intervene whenever I see injustice in the society, and protect the rights of my fellow citizens. By pursuing a master’s degree in law, I will be able to gain adequate knowledge and skills in this subject, which I can use for practical application when I take up law as a profession. Besides, I will also be able to teach the coming generation who will be interested in studying this subject.
My final ambition is to attain a PhD in law in the long run. Once I obtain a post graduate degree, I will be able to get a good job in this field, where I can gain the practical experience which will broaden my skills. This, in turn, will equip me with necessary knowledge and experience to do my doctoral research. I am quite confident that with my unflinching dedication and total commitment I will be able to attain my goals in the near future and thus contribute to my nation and people.

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