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Left and right sided basiler stroke

Left and Right Sided Basilar Stroke Introduction For the brain to function properly, oxygen supply is vital – a deficiency of blood and oxygen supply to any area of the brain can bring about a stroke. The arteries responsible for this are the basilar and carotid arteries. This paper discusses left and right basilar stroke, a kind of stroke that result from the obstruction/occlusion of basilar artery, thereby preventing blood flow into the brain. The basilar arteries form part of the vertebrobasilar circulation system, positioned at the base of the skull. The two vertebral arteries join forming one basilar artery, which supplies oxygen to the brain’s ‘ vertebrobasilar territory’. If a stroke occurs in this region, it is known as a posterior stroke (Healthtree. com, 2010). It is also classified as ischemic stroke (stroke that occurs as a result as an obstruction of an artery to the brain). Different kinds of diseases cause it. Firstly, blood clots in the heart, which can result from heart valves’ abnormalities, heart attack or irregular heartbeat. The second cause is thinning of the arteries at the head or neck, which is often caused by atherosclerosis. If the arteries turn out to be too narrow, blood cells may accumulate, forming blood clots, which can obstruct the artery where they are formed or can dislodge and be trapped in arteries nearer the brain. Other probable causes include traumatic injury to the blood vessels of the neck, blood-clotting disorders or use of street drugs (Strokecenter. org, 2010). Occasionally, strokes that occur in the basilar territory affect both hemispheres of the brain such that symptoms take place on both sides of the body. Some of the symptoms that develop include vomiting and nausea; lost vision or temporarily blurry, gray or dim vision; weakness in the legs or arms, sometimes leading to a sudden fall; headache, usually at the back of the head; numbness in the gums, mouth or cheeks; problems while swallowing, dizziness, among others (The New York Times, 2011). Patients with this kind of stroke receive treatment using anti-platelet agents, antihypertensive agents, anticoagulants, and thrombolytic agents. In the US, basilar artery occlusion’s actual prevalence, incidence and frequency are unknown and in stroke registries, it may explain as many as twenty-seven percent of ischemic strokes that take place in the posterior circulation. Further, the mortality rate is reported to be above seventy percent. The mortality rate may, however, decrease by half if recanalization is applied (Cruz-Flores & Muengtaweepongsa, 2009). Conclusion Apparently, left and right basilar stroke causes several problems in the patient’s body and even leads to death. Therefore, if one finds a person who exhibits symptoms of stroke, it is very important for him/her to assist them in obtaining immediate medical assistance from the closest emergency facility. References Cruz-Flores, S. & Muengtaweepongsa, S. 2009. Basilar Artery Thrombosis: Treatment & Medication. Retrieved from http://emedicine. medscape. com/article/1161044-treatment Healthtree. com, 2010. Blood Circulation to the Brain: Stroke Sites. Retrieved from http://www. healthtree. com/articles/stroke/blood-flow/ Strokecenter. org, 2010. Ischemic Stroke. Retrieved from http://www. strokecenter. org/patients/ais. htm The New York Times, 2011. Stroke. Retrieved from http://health. nytimes. com/health/guides/disease/stroke/symptoms. html

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