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Learning intention

Learning Intention A teacher has to be compassionate and understanding in order to drive his message across to from all strata of society. The teacher must understand that not all students can grasp the delivered content and concepts at the same level. In order to ensure that the entire class moves at nearly the same pace, it is necessary that the teacher solve the instructional problems. I try to ensure that instructional problems are resolved in my own mind before I deliver the concepts to my class so that I can solve their issues at grasping concepts. In addition, the teacher has to plan the time in class meticulously to ensure that the time is well spent and optimized for learning (Hattie, 2012). I try to anticipate the various events that I must go through such as delivering verbal instructions, using teaching aids or other resources in order to augment the learning process. In a somewhat similar manner, the teacher has to be sensitive to what concepts and content is delivered in the class. Modern classrooms are multiracial, multilingual and posses a number of ethnicities and socio economic backgrounds. The individual identity of each student in class must be preserved by paying careful attention to the delivered content.
Additionally the teacher must also keep abreast of student’s learning by monitoring it. It is often cumbersome for me to monitor each individual student in my class so I use groups to assess how well each student in class is doing. In order to pose a more innovative teaching stance, I create various hypotheses relating to student behavior, instructional medium and style and test them out both qualitatively and quantitatively as applicable. This allows me to learn more about students and their styles of learning (Hattie, 2012). Above everything else, being a teacher I show the utmost respect for all members of the school including staff, students and faculty. The teacher has to project a friendly identity that is warm and inviting for students so that they can take learning to a more personal level.
Hattie, J. (2012). Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning. London: Routledge.

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