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Knowledge management

The positives on the success of the KM concepts The KM concept led to improvement in several sectors of production with the main focus of the Knowledge Management. The success of the knowledge Management was successful because of the engagement of the managers from various sectors in the knowledge process.
`The improvement of the inventory led to the process improvements and the quality improvement on the final products. Knowledge management helped shape the process management. The changing of the pricing policy the company was facilitated by the change implemented by the Knowledge Management. The success of the pricing process is based on the changes instituted by the company with the focus being on the improvement of the product pricing.
The involvement of the company employees in the process was effective especially in top and middle level management who understood the whole process successfully. With the effective communication within the top and middle level managers, it was possible with the plan to be implemented at these levels.
The sales volume increased as proof of the effective nature of the Knowledge management. The volume of sales increased by 2% annually because of the implementation of the new process. Increase in sales volume is a result of change in management style. However, the focus of the group has been on the top and middle level management levels, which was considered beneficial and vital. However it creates other problems that must be addressed for the total improvement of the whole process.
The negatives of the management process
The inability to reduce staff turnover indicates the challenges in the implementation of the change process. The implementation of the change made is complex for some of the employees. The reduction of the staff turnover can be achieved by simplifying the knowledge process with the main focus of the process being the simplicity of usage.
Access of information about the current products is considerably by the enactment of the new technology. The restricted access led to the development of problems in information sharing between the sales agent and the customers leading to failure in communication and creation of awareness.
The application of technology did not factor in the low level employees making the implementation process complex in areas involving lower level employees. The most affected in the process is the sales agents because of the nature of their work. Customers require faster information sharing especially in issues of product specifications. The online platform does not allow the sales agent to access information fast thus affecting the rate of information transfer between the agent and the customer.
The participation of the workers in the company was restricted by the company’s approach in the knowledge management process. The company engaged the middle and high level manager while neglecting the low level employees. The situation created discord in the employment of the technological change. The results of the discord are the failure of the low level workers is evident in the failures of the Sales Agents and other low cadre employees of the company. The failure is also evident by the increased staff turnover due to the change.

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