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Johnny tremain chapter 6

Why didn’t the colonists like the tax put on tea? Was the tax too high? The colonists don’t like the fact that they have no representation in the British parliament. Not because the price of the tea was too high. Why did Johnny go around the village and tell people they owed 8 shillings to the Boston Observer? Johnny tells them they owe 8 shillings because that was a way to say the Observers Club had a meeting at 8. How can you tell Johnny has learned to write again? Johnny was told to give a message to Mr. Hancock but he was not there so he had to write a note and Johnny wrote it perfectly. When last time he had failed writing John Hancock esquire while job hunting. Who was Lavinia Lyte? Lavinia Lyte is Merchant Lyte’s daughter. Johnny helps her dismount the horse. Who was Doctor Church and what did people think of him? Josiah Quincy tells Johnny not to tell him about it because they think he’s crooked. What information did Cilla give Johnny and how did Johnny’s attitude toward her change? Cilla tells Johnny that Dusty ran away to sea. Johnny thinks that if he were to ever marry someone it would Lavinia Lyte, not Pricilla Lapham. What did Johnny do when Dr. Warren asked to see his hand? Johnny ignores him the first time, then Dr. Warren asks Johnny whether it was God’s will or not. Johnny says it was God’s will because it happened during the Sabbath and Johnny didn’t know what God’s will meant. What did the Observers Club decide to do in 20 days – December 16 – and why in 20 days? The Observers Club decided to have a tea party in the Boston Harbor in 20 days because either the ship has to unload the cargo in 20 days or return to Britain with the cargo. What were the names of the three ships? The Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver. What did Johnny have to do on Sam Adams words, on the day of the Boston Tea Party? Johnny had to blow the whistle while running back to Rab. They chose him to do this job because he was the fastest runner. What did they dress up as and why? They dressed up as Indians so they weren’t recognizable, they dressed in Red and Black. And then they dumped all the tea into the Boston Harbor to protest. Why was Johnny practicing chopping wood? He practices chopping wood for the Boston Tea party. He needed to strengthen his left arm because he needed to chop open the tea chests. Why were mass meetings held everyday at the Boston Observers Club? To see if the ships had unloaded their cargo or if they had returned to Britain yet. Also to show that they do not resort to violence. ONJOHNNY TREMAIN CHAPTER 6 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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