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Jodi arias trial online

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Jody Arias trial Jody Arias was accused in the murder of her boyfriend committed with particular cruelty. She was recognized guilty in premeditated murder notwithstanding that psychological analysis showed some deviations in Jody’s behavior. Psychiatrists stated that she had Borderline Personality Disorder. She demonstrated inadequate reactions such as panic, depression, rage and aggression towards the reject of her boyfriend to stay with her. Her reaction changed suddenly from calm state to aggression. She felt severe rage and the problems with controlling it. The psychologists cane to the conclusion that she has deviated self-appraisal and the problems, which led to sudden change of feelings, opinions, values, life purposes etc. This also testifies about Narcissistic personality disorder which makes people abundantly preoccupied with their own personality and traits.
This diagnosis was proved by strange behavior of Jody during the trial when she started laughing suddenly without any reason. Jody also stated that she did not remember the murder. However, experts in forensic psychology reject the possibility of that and state that Jody told lie: “ Neuropsychological deficits often are seen in extreme violence. Clinical assessment can reveal presence of psychopathic traits. Moreover, it was presented that Arias had taken a video of the victim prior to the alleged murder. It is difficult to understand how she lacked “ memory” of the homicide when she was capable of filming the victim shortly beforehand” (Perrotti). This testifies that Jody really had some kind of mental disorder but the murder still was thought-over and cruelly committed.
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