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Inequality in USA Inequality in the United s refers to the uneven distribution of wealth and economic gains (Conard 77-87). Instead of the total wealth in the nation being distributed equitably in the United States, the wealth is owned by just a very small portion of the population while the majority of the population in the nation doesn’t have enough economic resources. Inequality in the US is seen in two main ways. First is the wealth inequality which refers to the fact that most of the wealth in terms of property, homes, assets, and investments are owned by only a very small percent. For instance, it is said that one percent of the total United States population own a total of forty percent of the wealth. The other form which inequality takes is the income inequality. Income inequality refers to the fact that some people earn so much while others only earn a very small salary which is hardly enough to support then and their dependents. For instance, in a typical organization, the lowest ranking employee has a salary so low that his month’s salary equals the hourly income of a CEO. This wealth and income insecurity is not good for the economy and has been attributed to the economic recession in the United States. As the wealth disparity continues to widen, the United States is lacking a middle class, becoming a nation of very few extremely rich people and very many extremely poor people. This is not good for the economic and for the economic well being of the nation.
Work Cited
Edward, Conard. “ The Distribution and Income Effects of Risk-Taking,” from Unintended Consequences, 2012, pp. 77-87.

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