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It’s a student life

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Dear sir,

I am writing with reference to the article entitled ” It’s a student life” in the ” English in action”. I read your article and I am totally against it. I know that a professional journalist should be documents from multiple sources, before he wrote an article in which teenagers are involved.

First of all, I know many students who are dissatisfied with this article because most of them have jobs or help their parents in various household things. Because of this magazine, students were put in a bad position being labeled as lazy who live only on their parents’ money.

Secondly, best friend of mine , has an important job in a company, and also is a student with outstanding results. Not only his parents are very proud of him, but also his friends . I know many similar cases, in which students work hard, even at night.

Finally, I agree that some young people are living on the parents’ hardearned  money, but does not mean they are all the same. These teenagers are not an example for society, and their parents should not give them more money. Of course sometimes the adolescents  need support material and moral, but that is because the pace of the work.

To conclude, I hope in future to write another article, that put young people in a better position, because many of them deserves to be praised, for all their sacrifices. Students are equal with other people and I do not think deserves to be criticized in this way.

Yours faithfully,

Alexandra Adascalitei

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