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(Assignment) Website Analysis Introduction Wikipedia is an online-encyclopedia that provides extensive information on wide ranges of topics to people across the globe. This website has made information browsing easier as it provides users with free access to information regardless of one’s age or other constraints. In order to meet the operational expenses, this website accepts donations from its users. In addition, it also collects information, articles, and images from its users. It maintains intense inbound links and high domain authority with regard to its size, structure, and quality. Evidently the user-friendly structure and the dependability of the site are the major reasons why Wikipedia has become the highest ranking sites. Overall appeal Wikipedia is a professionally designed website for its simple whiteboard and well optimized content and images. The absence of promotional content also enhances its professional appeal. The article on ‘ distance education’ published on the site can be taken as an example for its outstanding level of content and external link feasibility. At the same time, the well-bound internal linking structure also makes the specific article page and the entire site extraordinary. As in every case of Wikipedia articles, the ‘ distance education’ also provides readers with hundreds of keywords and phrases which work as internal and external links for further research. Strengths of the site The website is rather interactive for it allows users to contribute to the content development and editing. Although it tends one to be skeptical of the reliability of the information, today inaccuracy is less likely to happen because of its strong self-control. The Wikipedia gives number of other options like contents, featured contents, current events, and random articles at the left hand side of the web pages which help users to trace required information quickly. The detailed bibliography it gives under every article increases its authenticity and also helps readers to access the basic sources of information. The image it displays related to every subject enhances the readability of the content. Language option also is an attraction that users enjoy visiting this gigantic site. Other special features Evidently, Wikipedia demonstrates a distinct strategy in its way of presentation and information sharing regardless of the significance of a topic. With regard to connecting links, in the article ‘ distance education,’ one can see numerous internal and external links that ensure instant access to information. To illustrate, without reading the whole article one can easily find the required information by utilizing the given links. Significance to users Because of the mounting arguments on the accuracy of information and due to the rampant increase in use, Wikipedia has turned to be a topic for research. Evidently thousands of users with internet access rely on this site at least for getting an overview or immediate knowledge on various subjects. Obviously people can use this information provided that they make further research before citing anything from this site as a reliable fact. Learning objectives The study on Wikipedia is worth rewarding because it gives a great deal of information about how unique the strategic position of a professional website is. Knowing the strength and weakness of a site would help a learner to come up with rather innovative design and features. Works Cited Distance Education. Wikipedia. Org 8 June 2011

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