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Is winning everything?

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To begin with, winning sometimes causes bragging and that annoys many people. You can’t win if you don’t lose because everyone needs to know what error they committed. “ Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing”, is like saying it’s your main priority and you don’t care about anything else unless you fulfill it. Nevertheless, winning causes arrogance. Some people think that just because they won, they are much better than the others. There are many reason why winning isn’t everything but the only thing.

If you don’t win after the competition you would not be happy, even though you were far from winning you still dreamed or imagined yourself winning. Finally, winning causes reassurance. Reassurance is what people feel in their blood, their brains thinking they are never going to lose. That is why you need a taste of their own medicine, loosing. Reassurance is sometime disappointing, you don’t always win, even if you are superior compared to other teams, you can still be defeated.

People don’t like loosing. When we lose, we are not satisfied with our self, moreover we are disappointed. Competition is what makes us outstand from anyone else, it makes us feel special and better than other. We are not happy just competing, that’s a lie, we need to win for being proud of our self. In conclusion, there are things that are more important such as for all who participate is to have fun and do it with pride and determination. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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