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Introduction to construction management

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Purdue Calumet School of Technology CMET 10300 Introduction to Construction Management December 9, Dr. Roy E. Evans, PhD, PE
Sallal Aldawsari
My name is Sallal Aldawsari and my major is Mechanical Engineering Technology. This is my last semester in Purdue University Calumet, after that I will be seeking a master degree. I am taking this class to discover new ideas in construction management, and to fulfill my graduation requirements. After attending this class, I became more interested in construction management field. If I had a chance to change my major, I would definitely choose construction management. Because it contains a lot of designing courses which are not offered in MET. I have enjoyed every design class in my education life, and just thought of it in a serious way when I registered in this class.
I learned to be a creative thinker, which helps me a lot in my real life. The class increased my personal effectiveness. I enhanced my reading skills, research skills, and developed the capacity to take multiple-choice tests. I learned how to become a better note taker during lectures, and learning about personal values. Indeed, I learned how to record and differentiate main points from minor points in a strategic manner. The class taught me how to become a good time manager since I had to attend classes, discussions, extra-curriculum activities, meals, and work on part time basis. Moreover, the Ethics chapter helped me a lot in my senior project class. Indeed, college experience incorporates personal values and ethics into every aspect of life. I maintained honesty, accountability, and persistence during my college experience.
I also enjoyed the visiting people for compassion. They taught us about their fields and what they do. Also, they lectured us on the safety standards they use in their companies and how they keep up with them. Also I learned new ways to find sources using the library website and some other websites. If I had taken this class in my first semester, I would have utilized all the strategies I learned in it. That would have made me a better student. I also learned to be a critical thinker where I had to make wise and independent decisions to succeed in my first year that was quite challenging. I made a critical decision of majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology to discover new ideas in construction management, and to fulfill my graduation requirements.
I believe that the class is one of the best classes, but since it focuses on freshmen, I would do more out of class activities. I would make visits to the different labs we have on campus, and teach more about the machines we have in these labs. It would have been better if there were some group projects so make the students interact with each other on campus or even outside of campus. Group projects would have enhanced my assertiveness skills that would help in promoting discussion groups, teamwork, dispute resolution, and social interactions. Ideally, teamwork would have been very fundamental in the introduction to construction management.
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology derived basic skills and knowledge of construction that enhances my career objectives. The class taught me about leadership, organization behavior, communication, dispute resolution, change management, design, and organization performance. Moreover, studying construction management will equip me with an in-depth understanding of course dynamics as applicable in the modern construction industry. Studying construction management will enable me to attain my career objectives as a construction manager. Indeed, construction management suits my professional career development objectives since it entails topics that are necessary for an effective construction manager. The course covers the fundamental aspects of construction projects that help in furthering a construction manager career in the construction industry.

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