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Interaction design

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Your analysis should take account of the range of user needs – e. G. , some users will want to find a specific title while others want to browse potential titles before making a selection. Your THAT should be presented using the standard graphical notion and detailed plans should be written.

DESCRIPTION OF TASKS I SUBTASKS I In order to buy books online from the internet, the user will have to put his/her imputer start, Connect to internet, Google to website address and settle down for selecting the book title. I Prepare for buying book online. I Then search for the book. For example he/she will want to find a specific title while others want to browse potential titles before making a selection.

I Locate book I When already find the located book, he/she will want to buy the book I Add books to shopping basket I To buy the books bank card payment are entered I Enter payment details I For delivery of the products need to input the address I Enter exact address I And anally need to confirm the order I Confirm the order I The tree structure:- The text-based notation is as follows:- O: Buying book online 1: Prepare for buying book online 1. 1: Put computer on 1. 2: click on internet browser 1. : type the address bar of the site to buy book online 2: Locate book 2. 1 : Search for specific book in the search option 2. 2: Browse for required book 3: Add to shopping basket 3. 1: Move the cursor to book 3. 2: Choose book 3. 2: Place book in shopping basket 4: Enter payment Details 4. 1: Locate the field 4. 2: Enter bank account number 4. 3: Enter ID number : Enter exact address 5. 1: Locate the Full Name field. 5. 2: Move the Insertion point to the field. 5. 3: Type the full name. 5. 4: Locate the Address Line field. 5. : Move the insertion point to the field. 6. Confirm the order 6. 1: Locate the confirm order option 6. 2: Move the cursor to confirm order option 6. 3: Confirm the order Question 2 Discuss how the designer of an online bookstore could use your THAT. The designer will design the online bookstore, he could set a plan the define in what order subtasks will performed. The THAT will let the designer objectively compare different approaches to the purporting same task-? in terms of the numbers and types of steps the approaches require.

For instance, reducing the number of steps in a task would probably enable a user to complete the task more rapidly, so replacing multiple fields with a single field would speed up the task. However, this would also make the address less easy to verify. The hierarchical task analysis will provide a framework in which you can capture such a design rationale and refer to any related documentation. The THAT can also establish user research techniques to collect the information.

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