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Individual project assignment

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For your selected company you must provide a formal “ management review report” that contains the following sections: 1 . Executive Summary a. You will need to provide a concise summary (or extract) of your findings followed by a general recommendation on how well this company performs the main functions of management and where any major Improvements could be made. 2. An overview of this company a. Its name, location of head office, location of subsidiary offices b.

Its main line of work (services, products) 3. Governance a. Composition of its Board of Directors b. Committee Structures (such as whether It has a separate audit committee, insemination committee) c. Major shareholders or shareholder groups (such as Pension Fund Managers for example) d. How effective is its governance? Can you suggest improvements? 4. Ethics and Social responsibility a. Is this an ethical company? Is it socially responsible? You will need to support your position. B.

Has the company ever been featured in the press in a negative way that was attributable, whether correctly or Incorrectly, to ethical or social responsibility Issues? If so, were these allegations founded? If not has your research uncovered any areas Tanat could pose a rills to tens company In accessibility or ethics? 5. Organization ten areas AT social a. How is this company organized? What is its organizational structure? B. Is there a prevailing organizational culture? How is this evident?

If this is not obvious from your research what type of organizational culture would you expect to find and why? C. Link as much of the course material concerning organization to your research into this company d. How effective is its organization? Can you suggest improvements? 6. Planning a. How does this company conduct its strategic planning? Its operational planning? B. Link as much of the course material concerning planning to your research into this company. C. How effective is its planning function(s)? Can you suggest improvements? 7.

Leading a. Who are the key leaders in this company? B. Which leadership styles are evident? If this is not obvious from your research, which leadership styles would be most appropriate and why? C. Link as much of the course material concerning leadership to your research into this company. D. How effective is its leadership? Can you suggest improvements? 8. Controlling a. What control mechanisms do you feel would be most critical to this company and why? B. Link as much of the course material concerning control to your research into this company. . How effective is control in this company? Can you suggest any 9. Written Assignment Grading Report a. Every assignment must be submitted with an academic attestation (as below) signed by every member of the group, and, b. A Grading Report Sheet as given on page 4 Your written assignment MUST: Clearly contain bold headers for each section; Be free of grammatical errors; Respect scholarship by appropriately referencing all material that is not original; Contain the academic attestation form, signed by all members of your group; and,

Not exceed 15 pages, 12-pitch font, double-spaced, excluding cover page, bibliography and references. The outline of your written report must be as follows: Executive Summary Company Overview Governance Ethics and Social Responsibility organization Planning Leading Controlling The Academic Attestation MUST be the following and MUST be signed: Academic Integrity Integrity is a basic value of our society and of the business world. Academic integrity is also a key value of the Teller School of Management.

To underline its importance, all assignment, report, project, or other work submitted in partial fulfillment of the acquirement of a course at the Teller School of Management must include on its front page the following signed statement (signed by each member of a team in the case of a group assignment or team work): Statement of Academic Integrity This work conforms to the rules on academic integrity of the University of Ottawa. Signature: add a signature sheet.

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