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Inclusive leadership

Gopal Pottabathni 6 December 2007 Inclusive Leadership Inclusive leadership is concerned first and foremost with inclusion, both in its processes and the ends for which it strives. It provides another lens to help those concerned with social justice, recognize social injustice in communities and schools and do something about it. [James Ryan] Inclusion is increasingly being seen as an integral part of leadership. The set of values with respect for the individual, the elevation of service above self-interest, restraint in the use of power, and not, least, a concern for sustainable development forms ‘Inclusive Leadership’. This leadership will need to be found not only in the organization’s management but also among employees, customers, investors, suppliers and the community. As an inclusive leader, one must adopt – and live – a set of values, which places human relationships centre stage and which defines the purpose of your enterprise in other than purely financial or commercial terms. For leadership to be meaningfully inclusive, it must find a way to include everyone in governance processes and be organized to pursue inclusive principles.
Inclusive leaders perceive the organization as a complex system of mutually interdependent relationships, understand the links between the organization and the wider socio-economic environment and see organizational change in the context of social and technological change. ” It is this deep understanding of the nature of the interdependence that exists between the organization and its dynamic environment that provides the basis for the ability of leaders to contribute to the development of an inspiring yet achievable vision of the organization’s future.” Such vision should meet the needs of the key stakeholders and at the same time provide the basis for an enterprise strategy to develop and sustain a competitive advantage.
It attracts young managers with recognized leadership potential working in the voluntary, public and private sectors. Leaders are visible and strong, have a clear vision and earn the confidence and respect the community. Leaders are accountable, understand and represent the views of the region, and work for the good of all. Decision making processes are transparent and easily understood. Residents have easy access to information and opportunity to participate in decision making. Inclusive leadership structure can best support a philosophy of shared decision making, open dialogue, and mutuality.
Many of the people who can do the most to introduce this kind of leadership — most of them administrators — are themselves conservative, socialized into a system that rewards supporters. An administrator’s job is generally one that puts out fires rather than starts them. Unfortunately, those who actually do adopt adversarial stances to force through progressive reforms may find themselves looking for work; many of the best adversarial leaders have been fired. Challenging the system can be risky business. It is best is to set up leadership dynamics that are not based on the personality of a single individual, but on processes that involve everyone. This way such organizations can survive the loss of any single individual and be true to inclusive principles. The idea that leadership is best thought of not in terms of heroic individuals, but as collective and equitable processes.
Inclusive Leadership is the belief that understanding stakeholder needs – the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society, and the environment – and incorporating them into enterprise strategy and sustainable value creation activities are central to the achievement of sustainable growth and competitiveness.
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