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Incarceration An in-depth comparative study on the use of incarceration across the globe would suggest a considerable increase on the rate of its use. A recent comparative survey resulted into the culmination of the fact that in the recent years, United States has become leader in terms of using incarceration and surpassed South Africa and former Soviet Union. Also the rate of the incarceration of the black males in United States has increased far more than the rates of incarceration of black males in South Africa. The issue of discussion is whether incarceration can be applied for all the crimes and are the nations ready to bear the cost for high rates of incarceration, are very much fundamental in terms of judging the status of myriad sociological intricacies pertaining to crime and punishment. The eye of the world is presently fixed on the myriad sentencing policies undertaken by different nations of the world. Also, the rate of crime is directly proportional to the incarceration for a nation. More the rates of crimes, it becomes evident for the occurrence of higher rate of incarceration. This is not the end as the remedy is to find out that why are the nations incurring higher rate of crimes. The factors like political instability, uncertainty of economic future and few other transitory factors leading to an instable society have resulted in the increase of the organised crime. Incarceration for all kinds of organised crimes also increases the cost for it. United States nationally estimates $ 26. 8 billion annually for the purpose of incarceration. The third world nations are the worst victims of the incarceration. In Zaire, e. g. 7. 5% of the inmates pertaining to the prison system die out of poor health, disease and mal-nutrition. Therefore, it would be great on the part of the developed, underdeveloped and developing nations to reduce the rate of incarceration and increase the other methods of punishment like fines rather than using excessive incarcerations for crimes like illegal trafficking and minor abuses. The intention of the nations should be to develop a crime-free society by locating and eradicating those from the roots rather than building statistics on its increased or decreased rates and holding surveys on the domains. Bibliography Mauer, M. (1994). Americans Behind Bars: The International Use of Incarceration. The Drug Library. Retrieved Online On January 26, 2011 from http://www. druglibrary. org/schaffer/other/sp/abb. htm

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