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Imran khan-leadership analysis

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Imran Khan as a Political Leader The journey of our leader has never stopped and after successful completion of twogoals, he involved in Politics and founded “ Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” in 1996. Though his party could not secure even a single seat in the first election (1997) since their inception, however he later managed to win the election (2002) and got membership in National Assembly of Pakistan.

He was not a popular choice in this field until 2009, but his consistent attitude towards achievement of a set goal has now brought him to the position where he is the most preferred individual leader and his party now enjoys the top position in Pakistan with 31% support of the people as revealed in latest surveys by IRI. Since Imran Khan has stepped into this field after emergence of new paradigm, therefore hisleadershipjourney has been evaluated on the same. Change and Crisis ManagementThe political history of Pakistan has not a good repute amongst democratic thinkers.

Military and politics have so far been playing musical chair with the power position in the country. The latest Military rule ended just 4 years ago when the fifth military dictator General Pervez Musharraf was forced to step down after 9 years of stay in power. Dictatorship is no more fruitful in any country in today’s world and Pakistan is no exception to it. The country has undoubtedly suffered a lot in terms of isolation in the world during military era. Imran Khan has been long demanding the limited interference of military in the politics.

The forced removal of the Chief Justice of Pakistan from his post by General Musharraf created a political turmoil in the country. Imran Khan was the first one who stood up and raised the voice for the protection of the judiciary in the country and mobilized the local masses which forced the dictator to change his decision and eventually he had to move out of the office as well. So far, he has been to pass this one factor of the new leadership paradigm, however he will be further tested when he reaches the top position in near future.

Diversity and CollaborationPakistan is located in a region which is focus of the world at the moment. All major powers and players have their vested interests on stake in this region. The situation in Afghanistan, worlds’ perception about Iran, conflicting interests of China, USA and India basically aim to gain control over this area. This demands a highly diverse and collaborating nature leadership in the country. The political views andphilosophyof Imran Khan aligns with these requirements.

His stance about negotiations with India to resolve all disputes, a respectful departure of the foreign troops from Afghanistan and close partnership with China addresses the most of the problems of the country. Higher Purpose and Humility Justice, accountabilityof corrupt leaders andpovertyelevation have been the principle stance of Imran Khan since the day he landed in the politics. Pakistan is one of the most resourceful country in the world. Pakistan has world’s second largest coal reservoir which can produce oil more than the entire gulf region for next 50 years.

The world’s seventh largest copper and gold reservoir and the future Dubai (Gawadar port) also exist in Pakistan. Even then, the country suffers from the poverty and this is due to only one reason that ‘ there has never been an honest leadership after the death of her founder’. The best unfortunate example is that even the sitting President and Prime Minister, both have been convicted of civil and criminal crimes in the past. Imran Khan is considered to be the most honest political leader in the country at the moment.

Furthermore, his aim to ensure justice and accountability has risen him to this level where he is now been deliberated as a future Prime Minister of the country. References Shaikh, S, Kakepoto, H, & Memon, A 2010, ‘ROLE OF SPORTS IN LEADERSHIP: A SOCIO POLITICAL ANALYSIS’, Shield: Research Journal Of PhysicalEducation& SportsScience, 5, pp. 108-119, SPORTDiscus with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 10 May 2012. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. ‘ PTI Leads Amongst Political Parties’ viewed on 08 May 2012, at , http://www. thenewstribe. com/2012/05/05/pti-leads-among-pakistan-political-parties-iri-poll/#. T6uc_cVj6a0

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