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Importance of science

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Not only this due to scientific knowledge, man has been able to reach to the moon and in outer space. With scientific inventions in manure, seed and means of agricultural productions with the help of tractors and tube-wells, foodproduction has been increased. As such with the help of increased production, man has been able to provide food to growing population. With the help ofscience, man has been able to control famines and floods and epidemics. With the help of scientific development in medical field epidemics like plague, cholera and malaria and influenza etc. ave been eradicated. Now even change of organs and parts of body is possible. Now with the advancement of science, it has become possible to change the sex and make man, a woman and woman, a man. Telegraph, telephone Fax, Telex Mobile phone and wireless have made it possible to talk with a person living at a long distance and in a far off foreign country. Radio, Television, V. C. P. , V. C. R. and cinema have become our main means of comfort. Electricity provides us light and fans and other means of comforts.

Science has further provided us ordinary amenities of daily life Science such as gas, fridge, heaters, coolers, tape-records and other articles which have made life worth-living and comfortable. Science has produced microscope, telescope, photography, Photostat machines and computers. It has brought into existence global market so that goods and inventions of one country may benefit whole world. It has invented atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, missiles and other destructive weapons which may bring disaster.

As such Science has invented machines and instruments and other things which provided necessities of daily life such as gas, electric fans, colors, fridge and heaters etc. Science has increased production, controlled famine, flood and diseases and in this way it has lessened sufferings of mankind. It has provided us quick means of transport through steamships, Railways, cars, buses and aero planes etc. It has provided quick means ofcommunicationthrough telephone, telegrams and wireless.

Science has provided means of comforts and recreations as stated above but it has failed to provide us peace of mind. It has made man greedy and selfish and power hungry and to gain wealth and power. Science has invented destructive weapons which cause disaster. Thus Science is useful, if it is used for producing food and good and other necessities of life and for convenience and comforts but it may cause disaster if destructive weapons may be used in future. Thus scientific weapons may also cause harm.

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