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Today I will talk about my self-reflection after study IIC. In fact, I am very impressive of one chapter which is “ Becoming a Positive Listener and Improving Communication”. Because I think communication is very essential part during our daily life. Skills I have learnt and apply it into real case. Now, I will share it with you. The case just happens on last Monday afternoon. On that day, it is our society regular committee meeting. Before the meeting start, we have a section which can share our recent situation.

Specially, we spend all time on one committee who called Angela. Because she shared that her grandmother had died just few days. Before getting this information, we just know that her grandmother had gone into the hospital. At that moment, I know that she needs to share something and express her emotion. I can do nothing but I hope to be a good listener. However, listening is often nonverbal, verbal responses can also show positive listening.

During the sharing, I try to use some skill such as paraphrase, clarify and to give Feedback because she mumble and keep reply something. She tells us that she feel regret but she doesn’t know why. I use clarify skill to ask questions such as anything your grandmother tell you before to get more information and background. I find that one sentence she repeats many time is her grandmother hope she can go to her home and live few day with her just like secondary school, they lived together. But finally, she hadn’t done, therefore she feels regret.

Also, after I know the reason, I try to paraphrasing she said and let her shares more of her own. She feels sadness but hates to cry because after cry, she feels tired. But, I told her that don’t keep the negative emotion and express it because I know if I keep it, it will influence our health. Finally, I have given feedback because I had this experience too and share what I feel at that time and what I had done. I hope that she will get better. I find that listen and communicate is integral. I am happy that I can apply my knowledge after studying.

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