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Women??™s roles during the time of Nathaniel Hawthorne??™s short story The Birthmark was one of a submissive housewife. During these times it was a society of male domination.

Women spent their life??™s feeling inferior to men and doing as they were told. They were taught to be obedient to their husbands and were the ruler of the house. It was the wife??™s duty to do anything and everything to please their husband. The role of Georgina in The Birthmark was one of a traditional subservient housewife of the times. Throughout the short story Georgina is trying desperately to please her husband. She had made no notice of her birthmark until one evening her husband Aylmer says to her ??? Georgina, he said, ??? has it ever occurred to you that the mark upon your check might be removed.??? (Hawthorne, 1843) She had never thought of her birthmark in such away before in fact she was very happy. From that evening on she became, as her husband Aylmer, obbessed about having her birthmark removed.

As women of her time would do Georgina wanted to do anything she could to please her husband. She tells her husband, ??? If there be the remotest possibility of it, continued Georgina, ??? Let the attempt be made at whatever risk.??? (Hawthorne, 1843) Georgina, as most women of her time always did, was willing to do anything no matter what the cost to give her husband what he so desperately wanted which was a perfect wife. Unlike in Georgina time, today??™s wives are anything but submissive.

Georgina wanted to please her husband in any way she could, even if it was at her own expense. I can relate to her need to please others. I am a stay at home mom during a time in which it is rare to be. As Georgina desperately wanted to make her husband happy I find myself seeking to make other people see that what I do is just as important as having a career. Women who chose to stay home to take care of their families are not regarded in the same way as women who return to their careers after staring their families. I find that I tie myself worth to my career as so many other women do today and without your career you don??™t know who you really are anymore. I find that as Georgina wanted her husband to see more than just her birthmark I to want to make others see me as more than just a stay at home mom. As a stay at home mom I find myself trying to prove that my days do not just consist of lounging around and watching soaps! I can relate to Georgina??™s need to please her husband as I myself to try to please others far too often.

I find myself giving people a list of what I did all day to prove to them that I am just as busy as they are. I wear many hats in my house. I am a taxi driver, cleaning lady, and a volunteer just to name a few. Yes, my days are filled with many boo boo??™s, dirty diapers and spit up but it is also filled with all kinds of wonderful moments.

These are the kind of moments that only happen once in a lifetime and fill your heart with joy. I have to remind myself that these kinds of moments are what make my choice to stay home the right one for me. My job may not be as prestigious as a lawyer but it is one that I love.

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