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Ice cream stall

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Proposal to set up fruits ice cream in NTU??™s Canteen 21. The business modelThe business model though simple, it has been carefully engineered from the start. Our intention is to capitalize on the young consumer needs that churn out distinctive advantages to Canteen 2 through its unique operation. The existence of our business is NOT to solve a problem but to meet some unmet consumer??™s needs that are not fulfilled especially in tertiary schools. Our nature of business has been recognized not to cause any unnecessary competition to other existing vendors in canteen 2 as we target a differentiated niche of consumers. The business idea is carefully integrated to promote not just serving ice-cream products, but it is also a form of expressing the current lifestyle of our targeted young segment.

For instance, both Coffee Bean and Starbucks have always been successful in promoting lifestyle as primary marketing focus, with their coffee products as the secondary focus. In NTU, we are looking forward to tap on our targeted audience with the attraction of a spacious air-conditioned canteen for students to gather and network during off-peak hours and during lesson breaks (Lifestyle) with the enjoyment of a tasteful ice-cream (product). The synergy of being able to network with friends and enjoyment of our products initiate a new lifestyle on how the students can utilize their long-hour breaks.

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