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I believe in engineering

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I believethat applying engineering principles to advance everyday living is an intriguing, captivating and fulfilling vocation with many potential benefits for society. Possibly, all engineering specialities look to advance our quality-of-life, however, what draws me to mechanical engineering is that it can directly influence and contribute to global well-being and economic growth.

Mechanical engineering is leading the development of advanced materials and innovative technologies across a number of industries including healthcare, construction, transport and robotics. While undertaking work experience on the ‘ Best for Business’ programme, I quickly recognised that I would like to develop new engineering-based solutions to meet technological challenges for societal benefit.

For as long as I can remember, I have lovedMathematicsand I firmly believe it is not only a life-skill but an integral component in finding solutions to real-world challenges. I enjoy applying first principles to solve pure maths problems for systematic data analysis. Furthermore, I love working through complicated mechanics-based problems and applying the methods I have learnt to solve such problems.

Whilst Mathematics is my favoured subject, I also love all facets of Physics and Chemistry. For example, I enjoy how Physics shows the mathematical splendour of the universe across different length scales from the nano to the supra. Additionally, I love chemistry because of the enjoyment I get in understanding how molecular structure influences physical properties and reactivity, and I revel in using this knowledge to make qualitative and quantitative approximations about physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the multidisciplinary nature that a mechanical engineering course offers really excites me as it will incorporate many different areas of mathematics andscience.

In June 2019, I gained a week’s work experience through a competitive ‘ Best for Business’ Programme organised by my school. I worked for a short period at a company that provides cutting edge solutions for utility companies by managing their transformers, generators and circuit breakers. I also worked at a research driven company developing medical devices anddiagnostictools based on powerful electrocardiogram algorithms and analytics for user identification, wellness andhealth.

Experience at both companies opened my eyes to multidisciplinary nature and team-based approach required to drive innovative technological advancement to improve everyday lives. The experience also improved mycommunicationskills and my ability to work as part of a team. I can also work independently, which is shown in my success in obtaining Electric Guitar Grade 6 in my own time.

My leisure time is centred around co-curricular school activities, which I find extremely rewarding. I hold the Officer’s position of Secretary of the 74th Belfast Scout Group, having previously been a Scout Patrol Leader. Through the Scouts, I am currently working towards the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award after successfully completing the Silver and Bronze Awards. The experience of Scouts has developed myleadershipandtime managementskills and improved my communication and interpersonal skills. I am also a member of the school rowing team and the choir; both have instilled in me the importance of discipline, self-motivationand team comradery.

I believe I have the determination, work ethic and ability to succeed at university, and know I will enjoy and overcome the difficulties I meet along the way. I will also contribute to university life beyond the lecture hall and have the capacity to excel.

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