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Human behavior in organization narrative

Human behavior in an organization determines the quality of work, progress and success of the organization. No machine and no computer can work by itself. No product is developed and manufactured by itself. It’s the workforce or rather the human resources of an organization who develop ideas, create new products and services and then deliver them to the markets. Thus, it is important for the management of an organization to analyze the behavior of its entire work force. Human performance consulting is in vogue today, thanks to the greater emphasis on the psychology of the people behind the desk.

Every organization differs from the other with respect to its policies, work environment, recruitment process, job evaluation and culture. The most natural human tendency is to react positively and with great intensity where they are compensated well, encouraged well and get additional perks and holidays. In no way is it being suggested that an organization should overpay its staff. However, it must be kept in mind that the organization must treat its work force with immense dignity and respect and provide sufficient compensation.

Even make the cleaning staff in your organization feel special and encourage them to do their task in the best possible way! The work force must be treated as an asset, not a liability, and once this is done you will notice remarkable change in the collective human behavior. Apart from the internal environment of the office, the external personal environment plays a major role in his/her behavior and attitude. We are social animals with unique aspirations, hopes, insecurities. Only those who enjoy their work can have a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Those who don’t enjoy their work will most likely not be satisfied with the work nor be content in their personal life due to the imbalance that exists. One important way to analyze human behavior is to study the relationship effectiveness. How effectively your staff communicates and relates to each other can tell you how much they care for their work and the people around them. Without proper training the office dynamic can become imbalanced just like any natural system. It is not likely for an accountant or a biologist to sit and study human behavior effectively.

You must have trained experts who understand the unique challenges the workplace brings. Not everybody is gifted with the skill to foresee a person’s behavior beforehand. JM Perry, through his coaching packages, helps develop these skills inside organizations. You can have professionals attending one-on-one sessions or learning through live chats or audio-video CDs. After completing Perry’s coaching you will be able to comprehend how to analyze human behavior and how to improve your behavior.


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