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Hum M3 KJ Burns argues that emotions are conditioned by thoughts of a person. In other words, every emotion may be traced back to a particular thought that influenced a person at a certain moment. This vision contradicts with other theories which argue that people have no control over their emotions and the latter should be accepted as a part of reality.
According to Branden, values should be recognized as concepts that are spread in the society and have power to shape actions of the people. Contrary to animals, human beings who live in a social environment were able to gradually develop a set of values which are constantly reinforced by interaction and affirmation of them. In addition to that, emotions are directly influenced by the values which a person adheres to since a particular emotion might show that a person was not able to comply with the value.
The results of the test were able to reflect my character accurately. The first test about dominant values was able to reflect my deep appreciation of traditions as well as security in my life. The next test dealt with my ability to take perspective on a single issue and it shows that I am able to see the world through other people’s eyes. The third test focused on emotional empathy and the results were not surprising for me: I am able to feel what other people feel. Finally, the fourth test showed the way I felt several previous months: full of positive energy and not tired.

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