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Managers must be empathetic to one of the largest and most diverse employee workforces. They must be team builders. For all of these reasons training and experience Is so Important because Its not something that can be gotten from books. Mountain Bank- Question Page 70 1 . Cost leadership strategy is important for Mountain Bank.

While being larger, lowering the cost would be efficient and so smaller bank wouldn’t be able to compete. On the other hand, the differentiation strategy of a business Is a predetermined set of actions designed to produce and deliver goods or services to customers who perceive the company’s offering as different.

Tellers can create a unique value for customers by cross-selling. 2. Tellers are the biggest asset of the Mountain Bank, because they play a key role on customer satisfaction with all their knowledge and front line contact. They are trying to do cross-selling by introducing other products to the already established customers.

For all of these reasons reducing high turnover rate Is needed. In addition. Tellers want more empowerment within the bank. There should be two way communication between tellers and managers of the bank.

This would give more responsibility to the teller because they receive more information. And they are encouraged to make suggestions about the processes done, since they have a first-hand knowledge if something is not working well. In addition internal promotions and rotation of tasks will give tellers a chance to experience other jobs and feel empowerment within the bank. Finally, training would be effective to develop their skills and knowledge.

3. The universalistic approach and commitment strategy helps empower the tellers with a sense of control in their work life.

The changes made in strategy could give the tellers incentive pay, develop teamwork, and share information with other employees. Finally it will help both the employee and the bank to function together well and could be seen by the customer as a family which works well together.

Coney Island Hospital – Question Page 152 1 . Minimizing admission delay at the point of entry and making this experience less distressing is the first way. It includes interviewing the patient, developing a care plan, explaining procedures, and trying to alleviate the patient’s anxiety.

Discharge is he second way. It includes ensuring the patient leaves the hospital without any delays In the discharge process and that he experiences favorable outcomes.

On the compliance with guidelines for effective healthcare and improvement in patient ratings of nurse performance, particularly in the area of time spent doing paperwork are the other ways that improves satisfaction. 2. Autonomy is defined in the dictionary as the quality of state of being self-governing, the right or power of self- government.

Dealing with the continuum from beginning to the end, nurses will be eye employees to increase autonomy. Defining a work redesign by developing a nursing model, giving staff attractive and satisfying roles will be effective also. 3.

What lessons can be learned from this case about the way to implement effective work redesign. Reduce costs, improve quality and access to care, and improve satisfaction for patients and caregivers are the main reasons for the work redesign. The committee collected and analyzed data to create the new design through surveys, interviews, onsite observations, and work samplings.

Taking part in adhering data made the members define and redefine roles based on the actual and described Job performances, although the problems clarified in the delivery system. Josh’s Toy Manufacturing – Question Page 153 1 . According to Job Analysis Process and Job specifications it seems Hour 3 is the most useful one.

However, recommending a change like that can cause some problems as motivational and biological. Operator Tom may have some health problems because of the loud machine.

In addition Tom, Fred and Mary may start to think that they are leaning with the hardest part of the Job and Bonnie is the luckiest one because Machine 4 is the easiest Job, and so on lack of motivation may appear. 2.

Mechanistic approach is creating an efficient machine that transforms labor inputs into goods and services. Time and motion studies are important. So for mechanistic approach Hour 3 is the best one because production at same time is highest during Hour 3. Motivational approach is aiming to increase employees’ enjoyment of their work and thus increase their effort.

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