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How to write the stanford roommate essay?

Have you already passed all entrance examinations and ready to write a final additional essay to enter the university which belongs to Ivy League? Or are you simply interested in how to write something interesting to read? Spend only 3 minutes reading the following valuable advice, and look through the main tips in writing Stanford roommate essays.

Think as if you are an admission officer

If you’ve read your prepared drafts to parents, friends, they will say that it is the most creative essay they have ever read. But when it gets to the admission officer, you don’t enter the university. You may ask ” Why did it happen? My nearest and dearest told that my essay was a written masterpiece.” Here is problem. If your relatives, friends comment on your paper positively, it means they are subjective. Not all parents will tell you the truth about how boring the writing is just because they don’t want to hurt you or they are just not professional enough to understand the mistakes.

There is a significant rule of trying to be an admission officer yourself. No one will ever be able to criticize your work so effectively as you can. It is difficult to be objective but try to be unbiased. Imagine you have read thousands of typical Stanford essays and each of them looks the same. Think of what can impress, make the essay stand out from other papers. Only by putting yourself in an admission officer’s shoes, you may perceive the writings differently.

Unclench your heart, show your personality

Even if you are the shiest introvert ever and you are afraid of talking about yourself, you ought to open your heart in this essay. Nobody will be interested in reading something very typical, trite. ” I will be responsible. I will tidy my room every day. I want to find new friends.” No-no. It is not what they are searching. It was many years ago that the Ivy League accepted students only with high scores. Now, these places are about searching individuals, people who will be both intelligent and unique.

In the world where people express their personalities via all the possible social networks, it is difficult to be unique. But if you manage to do this, Stanford is the place for you. So, don’t hurry in submitting a paper. Sit down, relax, listen to favoritemusic, and finally think about yourself like a uniquehuman being. You have a habit of writing short letters and hiding them somewhere to make your roommate happy when he finds it? Or you do various weird dancing movements whenever you go from kitchen to the bathroom? Then, write it down. Find something in yourself that even the most depressed person in the world will consider cute and special.

Why Stanford cannot do without you?

Simply answer this question: How can you be useful for the university? If the admission officer reads between the lines in your essay that you will be a silent mouse making no differences whether you study in that place or not, they will discard your application. Stanford is popular due to the plurality of personalities who study there. Its students are like pieces of puzzles making together a distinct image of the university. You cannot be an ordinary girl, boy with good grades but no integrity. You should be that person who will have its positive impact on the university. Think of the tradition you would like to add or a student club you are likely to organize. Of course, if you are not going to do this, it’s better not to lie, but try to prove your future roommates that you are a person who has something to share.

Be specific and add details

When you start talking about yourself, don’t generalize too much. It is better to talk about something specific, detailed, with real examples. Usually, details can tell a lot about a person, their personalities. If you sometimes prefer studying at night, tell your future roommate that inspiration comes to you only when the moon is high. Just be honest and sincere.

Organize your essay well

The Stanford roommate essay, as well as Stanford intellectual vitality essay, are types of personal writing. It means that the structure of them isn’t strict like inacademicwriting, but still you have to make your paragraphs look organized and be logical. If you start talking about your bad habits, don’t add information about your hobbies. Focus on one idea for the paragraph and develop it with examples. Don’t forget about the general idea of your essay – its message. If you organize the essay well, the overall message will be understood clearly.

Writing a Stanford roommate paper is not as difficult as passing SAT or GMAT. It doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of anything. You just need to focus on yourself and don’t forget that such type of assignment examines yourpersonality. As long as you find the exact words which describe you like a special person, your Stanford roommate paper will be just a piece of cake.

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