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How to be a good student

There are many responsibilities of being a good student, which are given in this paper. The first and foremost responsibility of a good student is to take interest in his studies as it is because of studies that a person gains the status of a student. As a student, the preference should be given to studies and it should be ensured that the student stands on a position in front of his teachers. A good student is one who studies devoted to the discipline of his/her choice and excels in the respective field. He should be on time in submitting his assignments and papers. He should be hardworking and struggling (Ranarana 2009). Without hard work, success in studies is not possible.
A good student should never cheat or copy his assignments. He should always struggle to produce original work according to the instructions of his teachers. By cheating or copying, a student is never able to get the qualification or ability, which he should have as a professional. Honesty is the best policy that is a famous quote and is applicable to students. They should perform honestly in their educational assignments and papers. Along with not copying or cheating, a student is required to listen carefully to his teachers in order to perform better in their educational tenure. They should be attentive in classes (Cuesta College 2003). The instructions given by their teachers should never be considered negligible or unimportant. To be a good student, a person has to perform better in his studies with his own struggle and according to the instructions of his teachers. The responsibilities of a good student also require a student to be supportive of his classmates. According to Ranarana (2009), the educational problems that are faced by students in their educational tenure should be resolved by other students who consider themselves as good or want to be good. Only hard work is not required by a good student but he along with being hardworking, a good student who has the responsibility to solve the issues of his classmates. By helping out his classmates, the capability of a good student will increase and not decrease. By helping others, students help themselves. A good student is not required to pay attention to his studies only. He should not be a bookworm but a person who takes interest in all academic activities such as academic festivals, social gatherings, sporting events, and so on (Ranarana 2009). Involvement in other academic and social activities is able to make a student active due to which, he can give his best in his academics. A good brain is a healthy brain and the brain becomes healthy by engaging in diverse activities. A good student should not only be devoted to getting good marks in his class but also moral education that is essential for the moral growth of a person (Classge 2008). A good student should be morally developed and should not cause troubles and problems for others but he should be helpful and supportive. Good students do not give credit for their doings to others. Good students always take accountability for their proceedings (Cuesta College 2003). If they are wrong somewhere, they accept it. They are always the ones who are ready to fulfill their duties always without presenting any excuses. They should not feel restricted in taking help from others, as obtainment of knowledge from any source is always likable (Classge 2008). A good student is always responsive to his teachers and is ready for any kind of academic queries because of his interest in studies. Being responsive and dutiful is again the identification of a good student. It is quite clear that the responsibilities of a good student are many in number and it is not easy to be a good student. A student is required to struggle continuously and help his classmates. He should be hardworking and honest. He should build his moral values. He should have a clear mind and he should take part in social and academic activities for a healthy brain. He should be ready to face any challenge in his educational tenure. Therefore, a student has to understand his responsibilities and perform his duties accordingly to be a good student.

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