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How successful leaders think

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How Successful Leaders Think How Successful Leaders Think The ideas presented within the articles are meaningful and can change a person’s way of thinking for the better. This is because they are offering an insight into how to think like a successful and a great leader instead of attempting to act like them. Here, the ideas presented include the integrative thinking where a person can have two opposing ideas in their minds and attempt to come up with a solution that incorporates both ideas. This is an innovative way of thinking and is therefore meaningful no only to me but should be seen as meaningful to everyone. Refusing to accept conventional options and developing an integrated solution to an issue is definitely a meaningful aspect of becoming successful. Although these capabilities may come naturally into people’s abilities, they ought to be developed to ensure they function appropriately. This can be supported by various ideas from Habits of mind that include being persistent. Here, a person should not settle on the obvious but should attempt to push further in the direction of identifying new ideas as well as ways of doing things and completing tasks. This is an important aspect as it advocates and encourages thinkers not to give up. The other aspect that can be drawn from habits of mind is the idea of flexibility in thinking. This requires critical thinking outside the conventional channels of thinking. This helps people in coming up with ideas that others failed to fathom and striving to realize precision.

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