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How do you view the world today

The World Today The World Today Personally, I view the world today as a global village with modernization at the center of this development. Modernization has changed the way most societies in the world carry out their activities. Largely, the modern world has more positive aspects than negative. There have been many breakthroughs in various fields of knowledge and these have improved quality of life. The field of medicine, for example, has played a critical role in improving quality of life since most of the diseases that previously posed a threat to humankind can now be prevented or treated (De Blij & Muller, 2010).
Religion has equally developed in the modern world with various religious groups tolerating and respecting the beliefs of each other. Although religion continues to be at the center of several wars in the world, the number of these wars has reduced and this aspect has contributed to global peace. Politics have also changed in a positive way in the modern world. With most countries adopting a democratic system of government, citizens in most countries can now choose their leaders without intimidation (De Blij & Muller, 2010).
Effects of modernization on society have raised questions on whether modernization has had more advantages than disadvantages. In the modern world, ease of access of information coupled with the growing interactions on social media has contributed greatly to the breakdown of most society’s moral fiber. However, there is a need for the modern society to review its stand on what it views to be moral as well as look for ways to curb immorality in the society rather than putting the blame solely on modernization.
In future, one would expect the world to experience more changes as discoveries continue to be made. Whether these changes make the world better or worse depends on how they will be handled. The growth of the number of internet users, for instance, is a great step in the field of knowledge. However, increase in pornographic content on the internet and the effect this has on children has made it difficult for most people to appreciate, fully, the role of the internet to the modern world. Manufacturing of sophisticated nuclear weapons could also pose a threat to the peace of the world in future. However, if these weapons are manufactured with the sole intention of protecting humanity and not for malicious intentions, this can be a great step in ensuring that states protect their territories (Walsh, 2009).
Personally, I will deal with these changes by appreciating their presence while maximizing on the benefits they have on my life. Appreciating their presence will make it easier to deal with the challenges that come with these changes. For instance, appreciating that social media can be wrongly used to spread hate speech can help one sensitize his peers on the need for promoting peace on these sites. Maximizing on the benefits of changes in the modern world involves developing a sense of self-discipline that restricts one to apply these changes in their lives only in a way that will make them a better person (Walsh, 2009).
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